Summoners Society Looking for Community Event Managers

Application: Hey Summoners, Summoners Society is currently looking to expand our Community team. If you have an interest in improving, growing and being involved with the community or just love event management this position would be perfect for you. You will receive training on how to run tournaments as well as participating in managing and giving direct input to other events. Time Schedule: Based on the tournament you are assigned to help with, your time commitment will vary. In general this will be no longer than 5 hours per week or one Saturday a month. Tournaments and events are planned weeks/months ahead and if you have any issues we can work them out and swap prior. Sunday: 8:00pm (For about 20mins) This is a general meeting for the whole of Summoners Society team. It generally very short. Sunday: 9:00pm (For about an hour) This is our specific team meeting where we will discuss anything to do with active tasks and give feedback. This is also a place where you can bring your own ideas into the mix. If you feel this role is for you please fill out the application above. Please also make sure to check for emails as we will send you a follow up regarding the outcome of the application. [](

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