[1v1] Divisional Oceanic 1v1 Championship

Good evening fellow Summoners, Today I present to you the Divisional Oceanic 1v1 Championship. I had been thinking the other day about tournaments that hadn't yet been done in the Oceanic region, then I thought up this. **_What is the Divisional Oceanic 1v1 Championship?_** The championship is a division style 1v1 tournament, this means players are matched based on last seasons' performance in the 1v1 games. This is different to others as it features a promotion and relegation system that other leagues don't have as they're all done in one division. Due to this system, the championship is not a one off tournament. Entering this tournament means you agree to play once a week for the duration of the split. **_When will the 1st Split of the Divisional Oceanic 1v1 Championship be run?_** The first split will be run on the 16th of March (this Saturday), at 2:00 PM NZDT (that's 12:00 PM AEDT and 9:00 PM AWST). Check in opens 45 minutes beforehand. **_What format will the Divisional Oceanic 1v1 Championship be played under?_** To answer this question, you need an understanding of how the championship will work, basically, the competition will be played once a week for four weeks (though subject to change). Players will earn Tournament Points based on their placements in the four weeks of tournaments before the winner of the split is decided by the player that has the most Tournament Points. **_What Map/Win Conditions will the games be played under?_** The games will be played on Howling Abyss, the win conditions being; the first to 100 creep score, first blood or first tower kill. The amount of games in a series will be dependant on what division you're currently in. **_What goals do you have for the championship this split?_** I hope to reach 24 players and 3 divisions this split, that is optimistic I know, however I have faith in the competitions ability to do it. I also hope to have streamers/casters willing to broadcast games. **_How will the promotion/relegation system work?_** That system will work as follows; the top 3 players from each division (barring Division 1) will move up to the next division, the bottom 3 players from each division (barring Division 3) will move down to a lower division. **_How do you plan to combat smurfing?_** I understand this is a major issue plaguing the community right now, however, there will be no incentive to smurf as Division 3's prize pool will be much smaller than Division 1 and the winners will move up for the next split anyway so it'd be nonsensical to stay down. If you have any further questions or inquiries please let me know, my contact details can be found below. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the Howling Abyss soon! - The Division Oceanic 1v1 Championship Staff Team. Discord: Zed eS#1194 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/9YRFM56

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