Custom Game Event: Protect the Queen ~ Tonight ~ 8pm Sydney Time

**_Protect The Queen League event running tonight! 8pm Aest Sydney Time_** Join DSA Chat room at 8pm! Aim: Obtain 10 Points - Aka Kill the opposing Soraka 10 Times (Soraka Deaths to turrets counts) Rules: * Start of Game, one player MUST go Top and Mid, This forces Soraka Bot (Olny for start of game) * 1 Soraka Intermediate Bot on each team, 4 Player players * 1 Point awarded per Soraka Death * Normal Game with Top, Jungle etc * 1 Point per Death for Soraka * 2 Points Minus from Soraka Death for each Kill she gets * Teams cannot take Inhibitor Turrets **Team Comp Examples** This is guideline NOT rules * Two Assassins: Eve, Le Blanc, Noct, Rammus * Two Protectors: Shen, Janna, Kayle, Zil [DSA Front Page](
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