Bad viewing experience and false advertisement..

Hi everyone. A few friends and I went to the viewing party for the worlds final 2018, (Event Cinemas George Street Sydney) and it was extremely laggy, and the Cosmic Queen Ashe skin that was advertised by Event Cinemas wasn't given to anyone in the viewing party. Okay. So, first of all I'd like to outline that this is false advertisement; well not really. False advertisement is misdirection or misleading information about a product. This wasn't exactly misleading, more like an unexplained occurrence. So, not exactly illegal. But i'd like an explanation as too why no one received the skin. I think this would be also wanted by most other players that went to the viewing party in Sydney. I'm not TOO fussed about not receiving the skin, but I know some people that are. So, any rioters out there or anyone managing the event; an explanation would be highly appreciated. Secondly; It was extremely lagging while we were watching. I don't have any evidence, but you can trust me when i say that it was freezing, the sound was cutting, and we couldn't tell when Caps was dying. (*erm* *erm* ) I was actually quite infuriated by this. We missed on the live worlds final 2018 because of bad technical management. Obviously, being the initiative's that we are, we attempted to watch on our phones. But, there was a 10-25 second delay. (because of the lag). I'm well aware that the match wasn't being straight projected from YT or Twitch, because of this time gap, so it must of been from a Riot-supported-live thing. Anyway. Thanks for your time, anyone who can give me answers. Oh, and also, anyone who went to the other cinemas too see the Grand Final, did you get the Ashe Skin? And was the quality unbearable? Thanks! Joey.

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