Tournament Prizing how does it work?

*Up to date Hey everyone, I've been getting a lot of questions from event organisers asking what kind of prizes are available for tournaments if they get approved on our events page . I will try to explain below as best as I can: We have two main categories we split tournaments into. 1. Tournaments 2. Leagues These can either be online (majority of matches played online) or Live (majority of matches played at a physical venue e.g. net cafe or university). **Tournaments** These are any competitive events that run over a couple of days like one or two weekends. These events tend to be played over fewer days but with many games in one day. **Leagues** These are any competitive events that run over multiple weeks. Think your local social sports league where you play a game with your team every week for 5+ weeks. Kind of like a mini LCS experience. In the image below you will see the RP values we will provide to support the competitive event you run. Its mainly based on the following factors: * Type of event (tournament or league) * Whether its played online or live * Number of teams participating (You provide a estimation in the events form, we also look at previous events you have run if there are any) * How often and consistently do you run tournaments 5 v 5 competition 3 v 3 competition RP amounts listed are per **TEAM** not player. We have made this adjustment because a lot of tournaments had varying team sizes (5, 6 or 7 depending on sub rules). By prizing out to a team we can be flexible in how we distribute the amount among teams rather than only providing prizes for 5 players per team. Other prizes: We will also provide a 4 win XP boost for all players in the top 8 teams of all approved tournaments (except for Live tournaments with 64 + teams, they will get a 10 win XP boost) The top 8 teams in all approved leagues will get a 10 win XP boost. All approved tournaments and leagues will be eligible for Triumphant Ryze for first place in addition to the other prizes stated above if they have 8 or more teams. This only applies to 5 v 5 Summoners Rift tournaments. If you are hosting other events like casual play sessions, get togethers, 1v1/2v2/3v3/ ARAM tournaments we are also happy to support that so please do register those on our events portal as well. If your event is approved we will email and let you know what support/prizes we will provide for your event. If you have any questions let me know in the comments =D **FAQ** **Q: What determines a new vs veteran organiser?** The general rule here is you are considered a new organiser if you have hosted less than 2 tournaments. If you have hosted more than two tournaments you will be eligible for the veteran organisers prize sets. However there is the possibility of you reverting back to new organiser status if there is a big gap between your last tournament and the next one you are hosting. **Q: Whats the difference between tournaments and leagues?** If your competition is held over 3 or less weekends then it is considered a tournament. If it is held over 4 or more weeks then it is considered a league.
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