Suicide awareness

Hey guys. I would like to raise awareness for something that hits very close to home. Recently I found out my best friends cousin, passed away. Seven years ago, Monday gone, a good friend of mine died the same way. A few years ago my nephews father also died the same way. We have little to no thought of our actions online. While we all hate being toxic or toxic people it is something that occurs in social media. We have no idea the repercussions of our actions, how hurtful the words we type, or even how much power these words have over somebody on the other side of the screen. The game League of Legends saved me from myself back in season one. It has become my solace and go to whenever something goes wrong and I can't deal with it in the real world (I have issues displaying certain types of emotions) So like many times before, I am turning to league. We all know someone, or of someone who has been effected by suicide.To raise awareness I want to run a 24 hour stream sometime in the next few weeks. If anyone is keen to help, or lives in the Auckland region and wants free food and to jump on some games give me a yell. I'd love some help with this (Kind of have no idea what I'm doing) So if any of the people on my facebook can help me, with advertising, creating an online poster or even just watch the stream it would be a great help. If you play LOL you can jump in on some games, we will help you if you need training in specific areas, we will also be holding tournaments etc with prizes up for grabs. People have been helping out by assisting in sponsorship - all donations will go to a charity, and to also help a friend of mine father who is currently trying to get a help app in NZ. Currently all the prizes (to be named) will be donations of gifts from people. I am wanting to show a better way to handle toxic people than the current banning system is going about it. Instead of reporting these people - add them. Show them what it can be like to have a GOOD game regardless of your score count. I want to show them the reason we joined this game, and hopefully show them to remember why they started playing - for the fun of the game, not the anger it causes.
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