2018 still facing trash team

I play on asia server and I have the same problem with you guys trolls and feeders in rank games I play mainly jg my team never waits for me for ganks .Less than 10min enemy team 14 kills our team 2 or 3 sometime 0 most of my games are like this I find opportunity to gank I gank and sometime we in the lead than my team start to 1 v 5 or keep solo diving and die.As a jg I can't gank 3 lane at one time .I using Lee or xz when I gank helping them they say I never gank you know why.I haven't reach or going to that lane they already dead so they want me to go and 1 v 2? In norm or rank sometime my score is 15 kills or 8kills means I in the lead I win lane I rotate and gank .Still lose cuz of freaking genius keep solo . AND they don't listen to you , advice or ping .If you tell them why never listen they freaking flame you and call you idiot and stuff .For example. My score 15/3/8 top score 2/9/0 the top lane say I am stupid and ask me STFU .I ping him cuz be getting gank he don't care and decide to go ahead and die .Some game in rank start of the game 1 of my team members and decide to Vs tower run down mid let enemy first blood after that keep feed 0/12/0 .Sure I titled he trash me with all the bad words I do at him too but wait end of the game he report me and I report him back. Surprise "you have been ban in chat for 10 games due to toxic" wow he can troll and say all the bad things I report him he never gets ban.He purposely troll many games like this or noob teammate help their lane their enemy already losing but they still can't fed and they feed .I am totally titled because most of my games can win but they decide to troll and make me lose in rank too .I from bronze4 climb to silver 1 with 60 lp after that is straight losing until 0 lp .S1 is the worse 8/10 game is winnerable but my team decide to let the enemy team win.I played this game for about 3-4years starting it was fun starting from last year almost every game is titling and stressful I am not the only who post these type of comments alot of you guys post too.A game should be fun and rewarding .In rank it is base on win or lose .Not your personal skill.lMost of the time I carrying but the team just freaking noob.I spend so amny hours mastering champions .Anyway even if you win your lane and your team feed you still lose or your bot lane adc feed you also lose .Feed means 0/8 , 2/10 that's my adc in rank or mid or 3 lanes .Most of high elo players will ask you solo carry blah blah.Ez for them to say Let me ask you .Less than 10 min or the 10min mark e enemy team score is 15 kills ur team 2 or 3 kills.Can you win? And that carries on for the rest of your game you want to sur.Some say late game while the score is 10-30 don't want surrender .From 15min team don't want sur to 30 min sometime also dont wan sur it's already total lost .Enemy tower none break. They have kills our inhib break they say I too early gave up.My article is very long I know but these are just some of the games I been through.There are many more like this and even worse.I hope league rank you by your skills so when you solo carry and your team troll and lose you won't lose lp.They rank you by your personal skills.For now I quiting this game.Too many trash , noobs , toxic and trolls.Making not just me but alot of people stress and angry and wasting their 30 to 40+ min of their life's. IT USE TO BE FUN AND FRIENDLY NOWDAYS ITS JUST PURE NOOBS AND TROLL. NOT FUN ANYMORE. I already tried my best for the game and the people of league are just getting worse and worse more and more toxic and noob.I don't get it why these type of players can be in rank.When lose they just ask you to chill.Or LOL in a rank game some time it's promo.Tell me you not tilted? I almost got to gold 5 but looks like I can't escape s1 .Now normal games also same full of idiots and trolls.Thars why I giving up this game until they fix this toxic and troll comunnity and change the raking system.If it's still base on lose and win I tell you those who are really pro also gonna be hardstuck cuz of dumb team.those who deserve plat may still stuck in gold or silver.I meet many plat some of them play worse than bronze most of them have the same reason as I cuz of team and lose you can't solo carry your team when they continue to feed non stop that's the truth.
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