A FundRaiser for Depression?

"To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world." - Brandi Snyder. Hello, I've never actually posted on the forums ever and i've been playing since Diana's release back on NA, so please bare with me whilst i try to work this all out. I'm currently taking place in my last Self-Development programme known as "Landmark" [](http://www.landmarkworldwide.com/). In this Programme we've been asked to do A project for our community. Myself being a big gamer all my life, and being only 17, I thought, what the heck, Leagues taken up a majority of my life and many others, and let's be honest here, League's Community doesn't have the best reputation, with the online harassment taking people's lives [](http://kotaku.com/league-of-legends-pro-attempted-suicide-after-tournamen-1542880793) is an example. Not to mention Sky William's video, where he covered this about (if my memory serves me) 4 Professional players that had their lives come to an end because of all the hate after LCS. e.g. this [](https://youtu.be/Wo69qGjYNJ4?t=1m26s) So what does this all have to do with you? Well as i said i've been talking with my Coaches (of the course not the game) to set up some kind of massive charity/fund raising event for the people suffering with Depression, to try and impact and give reason to why this is a big thing in the world. I'm going on a Limb here as a 17 year old, full time high school student from Australia, Queensland, asking **MILLIONS** of you, to support me in this cause of Raising money for a good cause. So what I'm asking, with the help of the League of Legends community, friends, families, companies, anyone and everyone. Is i want to hold a tournament, one day bigger than any LCS/Super Bowl, the biggest event you know, and double that!, Triple it!, QUADRUPLE IT! In our hands right now, is the **LARGEST** Active unique daily player base in the world, made up of gamers. All i want, is to hold a Casual Tournament, for every single player on OCE to play/watch/donate/talk/socialize and overall support the community, to stream this massive event and have all the money donated to charity. THE NUMBERS > League of Legends by player numbers: 67 million playing every month, 27 million playing every day, and over 7.5 million playing at the same time during each day’s peak play time. You can't even begin to grasp, the amount of people that is, playing the same game and you're telling me, you all can't take 10 seconds out of your day, in your 20-60 minute game of LoL, to say ONE, nice thing. Not one paragraph, Not one sentence, 4 words as simple as "Better Luck Next Time" THAT COULD CHANGE SOMEONE'S ENTIRE MINDSET, FROM HAVING ONE BAD GAME/TEAM/START/THEY MISSED SMITE/THEY DIDN'T TAKE THE RIGHT RUNES/MASTERIES. > In 2012, an estimated 56 million people died worldwide. How many people play LoL each month on average? > 67 million playing every month Can you now seem to grasp how bad this is? I understand that League probably isn't the best place for this sort of post, trust me I understand. But you're going to tell me, NOT ONE OF YOU, have ever seen/experience first or second hand depression, have never seen the impact it can have on people and the people around them's lives. I can understand i'm asking for a lot and to be honest, i couldn't stop myself from crying ATLEAST 4 times writing this, all i can ask is you help this get shared around, get it noticed, get as many people as you can to help this cause, share on social media, try to get media coverage of this, I'm physically pouring my heart out to 38 Million people living in Oceania, at the very, very slim chance this is seen by maybe 1000 people... Just please take 20 minutes out of your lives to read this, connect with it, cry/empathize with it, share it, vote it up. It's a small loss of your day, compared to the impact and power that this could have on someone or anyones lives. Thank you all so very much... it means the world to me.
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