Most boring URF yet.

ARURF 2017 Snowdown Letdown
I have played around 10 games of the new ARURF mode for December 2017 and each game and been as dissapointing, frustrating and downright pathetic as the last. Riot believe that limiting the champion pool playable for the ARURF is somehow a balance treatment.
The link i have seriously says everything i want to say in it. and my comment They had a system a year or so ago, they perma banned 6 champions from the game that weren't selectable, then each team could ban 5, then it was blind pick and lock. it was by far the funnest time i had playing urf. i just want that again. hell, most people do from who i've talked to I seriously miss when it was the perma banned champs that Riot chose. then it was 3 or 5 man ban, then blind pick. yes OP dmg and champs, but that was the fun of it. This one its either carry or get carried or get stomped this year WE DON'T GET TO CHOOSE; Champion we play, Skin we use, Or even summoner spells. i get its a Christmas event, but there is no fun in it. and every game i have played (3 so far) people agree with me in pregame lobby and in game its boring. I am still playing till i get my quests done, then i'm not touching it again. its just a means to some BE and XP Edit: Not to mention the fact that it also cuts out several items in game to stop purchases. come on, where is the fun being literally pushed into what we want to do, we don't even get a choice
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