The rank match system is very unbalance

i dont know did someone find it, the rank match system is very unbalance. these few days, i play lots of rank gank, before start, i check the mmr with each team, in 5/10 games, the mmr will be defferent more than 200 point, i wont said i am good of it, i am just a gold 3 player, but i can match with plat 1- plat 2 player, or match with silver 1,silver 2 people, WTF is that ? did Riot think the plat 1 plat 2 player the play skill will be same with silver 1,silver 2? and that is balance?? and those game, most of it will be just have repressive results, at 10-15mins, almost know which team will win this game, plz check the freaking match system, the match up it just destroy my game experience
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