ARURF 2017 Snowdown Letdown

I have played around 10 games of the new ARURF mode for December 2017 and each game has been as dissapointing, frustrating and downright pathetic as the last. Riot believe that limiting the champion pool playable for the ARURF is somehow a balance treatment. When in reality all this has done is create a select few champions that will hard carry every game and a LOT of champions that are absolute trash in URF. I miss the days where you could actually pick the champion you wanted to play, sure this led to each team having crazy amounts of damage, but you know what riot, that is crazy amounts of fun. Now you rely on RNG to give you the champion you want which in turn leads to a couple people on either team (usually one team) getting OP champions while the rest of the players are left with champions rendered useless in the game next to champions like (syndra, kassadin, brand, irelia, karma) This causes each game I have played to be incredibly one sided resulting in 30-40 kill difference for EVERY game. URF is meant to be this crazy clusterfuck of enjoyment when you bend the game as much as possible and play your favorite champs with 80% cooldown but instead you are left with having to spend hours matchmaking, getting your ass handed to you by RNG all for that one game where you get the OP champion. I was very excited to play URF once again but all I have been left with is sadness. It has actually pained me.
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