Boards Community Odyssey Contest: Wrap up!

Helloooo my lovelies, this is your practically perfect pilot speaking~

The time has come to end this little explosion filled chapter of our journey together, but there’s still some exciting news to share with you all! It was great fun seeing the depths of death and destruction you all went to for a chance at adventure, and this is our way of saying thanks! Let’s get the two smaller missions out of the way first shall we?

The Myth, the Legend, ME!:

Heaps of you rocked up in Discord and found teammates and good times! While we can’t promise when, or what, we plan to use this server for in any future events we do, you are more than welcome to stick around to find clash teams, duo partners, or any other community fun times :)

Rock Boy:

Oodles of great feedback here! Volunteer event feedback will be taken into consideration for any future events we do (and if you have any more now that the event is over, please share!). Gamemode and official event feedback will be packed up and sent off to HQ for their perusal.

Big Bad Captain Yas:

We had a whopping 580 of you complete our good ol’ Captain Yas’ mission and you should have all received your prizes for it by now. Truly spectacular effort from you all- we had way more of you hit the point threshold than we thought!

If you think you should have received a prize and haven’t, comment below or ping @Organiser in the Discord server, and we’ll go from there :) Since there were quite a few, I will mention that match history screenshots weren’t counted, as we needed proof of club tags from post game.

Last and definitely least! ugh Sona:

Just kidding! (mostly). Even I can admit that reading all your entries was a blast, I mean, who doesn’t love being immortalised in verse? I know I did! So without further ado (oh no she’s rubbing off on me!):/

Our third place entry who will receive a Masterwork Chest and Hextech Key: Black Wizard 11! (What? You picked this one? But it’s about you! Ugh fine I guess it was pretty good)

“Odyssey Sona searches

For the seeds of mankind

Which take root

And like thoughts,

Stay confined.

She sees the truth

However grim

And rallies her team behind.

Because like the others,

She does not shudder

To speak what's on her mind.”

In second place, with a charming poem recounting our explosive exploits and recipient of 500RP, Honour Bound!

“Wanting to journey? then gather the crew,

However, a warning, they're worse than a zoo!

With tornadoes, hexmines and explosions galore,

There's nothing out there that you can't explore!

So go out and fight, though you'll die constantly,

Gather all of the ora, in the new odyssey!”

And finally, in first place, a poem with the worthiest of subjects. Me! (No I’m not biased, you’re biased), immortalised for all eternity right here and now, and receiver of the largest of prizes in the form of 1000RP, MissKittyKat!!!

“Logging on to join the search for Ora

Departing with the awesome Morningstar

Embracing the challenge of onslaught,

Laugh and taunt at monsters fought.

Zap! I shoot the enemy!

This power, this madness! It’s getting to me!

Look! it’s Kayn! He’s so hot,

Ouch! The heck?! Got one shot…


A huge thanks to all of you who participated in any or all of our crew’s missions! Barring a few exceptions (you’ll know who you are), all prizes for Yasuo’s mission are out, and Sona’s prizes will be coming in the day or two following this post!

Until next time, from the crew of the Morningstar, the star of the show (me obviously) and the OCE Volunteers!

See ya~!

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