Hosting a League of Legends event? Let us know =D

Tell us about your event and we’ll see if we can support it with League of Legends swag We think it’s awesome that our community hosts events where players get to meet up and enjoy their passion for League of Legends together! We provide swag to help make your events more memorable and to thank players that take the time and effort out of their day to attend your event. League swag is there to add to your event, it is a bonus to the overall event experience but by no means should it be the main drawing factor (It’s the cherry on top of the cake, ultimately players would turn up without the extrinsic reward). If you or someone you know is going to host an event please direct them to our [events portal]( where you can register your event for visibility and potential swag consideration. Once submitted we will evaluate the event and see if we are able to support your event. Once we know will get in touch through email to communicate what you will be getting and what details we will require. If you need help with the events portal leave a comment below and I will slowly update this post with FAQs as well. Remember we ask that you do not use the swag as the draw card to your event. Swag should support your event and make it feel even more special. Please follow the below guidelines. **Guidelines** * Do not sell League swag - It is prohibited to sell League swag under any circumstances. Doing so may see your swag privileges be permanently removed as an event organiser. * Organisers do not have permission to use the Riot logo. For more information about Intellectual Property usage check out this page - * We are not sponsoring you and you must not advertise we are. However, you can say “Riot provided swag” or “swag provided by Riot”. * Supplied items is not referred to as “merchandise” or “merch”. So that we can validate the event happened, please post pictures of your event on our Boards or onto social media with #OceLoL If you have any questions ask in the comments =D **Events portal FAQs** What do I need to do to submit my event for swag consideration? Head on over to the events portal, create and event, fill out the form, hit submit and we will reach out once we have received the submission. **What would be considered as an event?** Any activity that brings ~15 or more players together in person Any activity that brings a lot of players online at the same time **How long will it take for you to contact me?** We will usually respond within 4 working days **How far in advance should I submit my event?** The more notice the better, but ideally you give us a week heads up so we have time to organise event swag. **What are the prerequisites to using the events portal?** You need to have a league of legends account that is level 5 or higher **What kind of prizing can I get for tournaments?** Check out this handy post -
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