[TFT] Teamfight Tactics Tournament on 7th of September - Open Ranks - Riot Prizing

Hey everyone! After a largely successful tournament, we bring you the second edition of the No Sleep Palace TFT Cup! Links to sign up will be included further down the post, thanks all! There are only 32 spots open so move fast to make sure you get in! **_Format_** Essentially, the format we'll be running with will be a Group Stage format, essentially, 32 players will be seeded into 4 groups of 8 players, for simplicity, we'll call them Groups A to D. All the groups will play 1 game and the bottom 4 of each group are eliminated, after the game, Group A and Group B will combine into another group of 8, meaning C and D will also follow-suit for another game. After that game is played, we'll have reached the final stage after we eliminate, yet again, the bottom 4 players in each group. The winner of the final stage will then be declared the No Sleep Palace TFT Cup Champion. **_Schedule_** The tournament is scheduled for Saturday the 7th of September at 3:00 PM AEST, below is a estimated schedule for the event. Round of 32 - 3:00 PM AEST Round of 16 - 3:40 PM AEST Final Stage - 4:20 PM AEST Conclusion of Event - 5:00 PM AEST **_Signing Up_** All players must be in the Discord to receive updates regarding the tournament, the discord link can be found below. The link to the Battlefy to sign up is also below. _**NOTE**__ - We will only be using the Battlefy to seed groups and to register competitors, at the start of the event, we'll no longer need the Battlefy and all updates will go through the Discord announcements channel._ Discord Link - https://discord.gg/2d52A7x Battlefy Link - https://battlefy.com/no-sleep-palace-tournaments/no-sleep-palace-tft-cup-s2/5d60df3a6a5e772c146dca88/info?infoTab=rules

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