Summoners Society April Premade 5v5 (14th-15th)

Summoners Society April Premade 5v5 by SummonersSociety
Hello Summoners,Welcome to our SumSoc 5v5 tournament.All team members must be on the discord:
Greetings Summoners! The Summoners Society Premade 5v5 for April is on this weekend! To sign up simply follow the battlefy link which will provide you with all the details you need to sign up, rules and what to do on the day! Prizes are as follows: 1st place 8000 total RP to split, triumphant ryze 2nd place 6000 total RP to split 3rd place 4000 total RP to split 4th place 2000 total RP to split And top 8 teams get an xp boost as well Use this link, , to get to the tournament discord and direct any questions to the #helpme chat under the Premade 5v5 banner. Anyone can play as long as you and 4 others sign up using battlefy and respect the summoners code :) I hope to see you there on the day ready to go at 11 AM AEST and dont forget to have fun! Regards Summoners Society

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