Next time you do Ocean Week Riot,

Ocean Week 2017 - Become a Hero
Oceania is in peril! An evil entity is devouring our animals. Summoners from all over the region are rallying together, uniting under one banner to stop this malicious fiend. Oceanic Homeguards, it's time to take action!
Please make the Hextech Keys Fragments drop-able regardless of whether or not you own the champion for the remainder of the event, once the all-champ-f2p reward is unlocked. As the all-champ-f2p is completely nullified by the fact key fragments don't drop if you are playing a champion you do not own, and thus people simply don't play the champs they do not own which is counter-intuitive to the cause. That'd be awesome. Or really, imo key fragments should drop regardless of whether or not you own a champion in the first place. But hey.
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