Truth Gaming Invitational!

Hey there everyone, I'm currently in the process of getting a tournament organised for the 2nd-7th of January. This will be called the Truth Gaming Invitational. This will only be the first TGI that I have actually organised, but if successful I'd like to keep it going! Essentially, there will be the 4 Truth Gaming teams that are currently on my discord server, and the last 4 spots are invitational spots. Currently only one of the invitational spots are open, and another may be taken if the team I've invited can find the last two members. So therefore I am looking for atleast 2 more invitational spots, and possibly a third if this other team doesn't finish making their team. This tournament will be streamed and casted by me. As this is the first TGI, there will be no entry fee. The base prize pool currently is $50, but it will be increased by any donations from other teams. I stress, DONATIONS will increase the pool, so if you fancy your chances chuck some money in. If successful, the TGI will increase the prize pool, and possibly have entry fees to further increase it. If interested or if you have any questions feel free to message me!
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