Digital Puppet Masters Tournament Series - 1v1 (Tonight 6.30pm AEDT)

Digital Puppet Masters | Battlefy
This organization will run tournaments for teams and players of all ranks and skill level, with a main focus on League Of Legends in the Oceanic Region.
12th March 2018 This tournament is a single elimination 1v1 event. It will be first to take the Nexus on the Howling Abyss Map (week 5) Winners from previous weeks (Kayle, Nasus, Yorick, Jax, Trundle, Teemo) are all banned for the rest of the series. Prizes are as follows ---> 1st $10 Riot Gift Card Riot also Provided --> 63 participants or fewer: 1st Place: 750 RP 4-win XP boost for all participants 64 participants or more: 1st Place: 1000 RP 2nd Place: 500 RP 4-win XP boost for all participants To register and check-in for the tournament ---> For all other communication go to here ----> Note: note 6.30pm AEDT(NSW, ACT, Melbourne, Hobart) is equal to 5.30pm(Brisbane), 8.30pm (NZ), 6pm (SA), 3.30pm(WA), 5pm (NT) regards Dungeon

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