Odyssey Contest: Everybody Loves Malphite

Umm... Hi. *waves*

Jinx: Just read from the script dummy, it’s not that hard!

I'm Malphite and I will be your Com- Community Feedback Rep- Uh... Repersentive? I will be here to listen to all your feedback on how well the Morningstar crew - Hehe, that's us - are doing with our Community Rec- Umm... - Recruitment Process. We believe we have a rock solid aptitude for teamwork, recruitment and blowing stuff up, but that does not mean we could not improve.

If you have feedback to give, we would ask that you be spercific and detailed, so we can better improve the experience in the future. You can even further discuss the feedback that other recruits give, and if you have any suggestions, let us know. As always, it is important to keep the discussion civi- Uh... - civilised, so please refrain from insults, abuse, and harassment.

Good luck! Hehe *waves*

Also, don’t forget to check out our Super Duper Awesomest Pilot Jinx’s recruitment page for some more super cool stuff to do!

In case you missed it, here is the original objective briefing:

OBJECTIVE BRIEFING: Everybody loves Malphite :)

DIRECTIVE LEVEL: Grunt, Malphite


Feedback time! Tell us how we’re all doing! Offer a piece of feedback for Riot regarding the event - what you thought about the game mode, any bugs you encountered, if you thought it was super awesome or more! We really appreciate your feedback and any we can get helps improve the quality for future events.

We are also taking feedback on this bonus event run by your trusty crew (The boards volunteers!) as well, so feel free to chuck in your thoughts there as well.

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