Aram Tournament by Summoners' Society

ARAM Tournament
Games event by Summoners Society on Monday, April 8 2019
Hello Summoners, Welcome to our ARAM tournament. Check list Read the rules Have gained the discord link and joined the server Sign up the team for battlefy Event details 8th of April 2019 6pm Date:08/04/2019 Time:6:00pm Check In: 5:00pm Check ends:6:00pm Check is done on battlefy Sign up on Battlefy Join the discord Bracket: Single Elimination Matches: Best of One. Map: Howling Abyss Bracket is out: 6:05-6:10pm After that games will happen as soon as they can. When you come out of game it is up to you to check the bracket and see if the next team is ready. If both teams are out of game and only you are in lobby, please contact the team in discord. (We use discord for this purpose). How to get tournament code Go to bracket, click on your game and scroll down to the section that says tournament code. All contact must be made on the Summoners Society Discord under #helpme. Please don’t pm admins, as not all admins are working that day and information gets lost! You should only pm admin if someone is being toxic towards you. Rules Prizing: Facebook group:

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