Her Purple Hair | Ekko

"I can't hang out tomorrow because of what happened this afternoon...." I tell them as I adjust my Zero-Drive. "Alright, fine. I'll tell you what happened... but you have to PROMISE not to tell anyone. And if you even giggle at me, someone's getting a bat to the head. So... this is how the time travelling wonderkid was stumped." ___________________________________________________________ So, Nyx and Erebus told me there was a nice flower field outside of town, and asked me to get some. It was a lazy day, so I thought why not. Once you leave the city limits, you rarely run into people, but that wasn't why she stood out. I saw her as she was tending to a bloom of flowers, with amazing care and precision, her purple hair flowed down just past her shoulders. She's... beautiful. I guess you could say she was out, standing in her field? hah, yeah, anyway.... She hadn't seen me yet, so I took the opportunity to set my Zero-Drive, you know, just in case.... I try and muster up a confident smile, as I gently kneel down next to her. "Hey, umm, excuse me, you're reAALy... agghhh..." I splutter on my words as her beautiful smile skews. Alright, I'll just do it again, no problem. **Rewind** Alright... It's just a cough. No big deal. I shoo away my metaphorical butterflies and try again, kneeling down next to her. "Ahm, excuse me, I just wanted to say you're very prettiful...." She lets out a short giggle as my face rewires itself to cringe... I just combined Pretty and beautiful.... and it did not work. This hurts. **Rewind** Alright, one more time, I'll get this easily. No need to overthink it. I go to kneel down, but my impatience gets the better of me. I fall too hard onto my knee as my face falls directly into the brush. I didn't notice the thorns on these flowers until they were jammed into my arm. Without saying anything, I reach for my wrist. **Rewind** Alright, so I've now got pains in my arm and face, but this isn't a big deal. I've faced tougher opponents than this, this is just a girl in the woods. Let's try something else. I'll walk past her and turn back. Yeah. Easy. I take a second to focus on making sure I don't look injured, put on my smile, and strut past with a mild confidence. Alright, shaking things up again, we're doing good. I turn to face her, and gain her attention by gesturing towards her. She looks up at me. The first time I'm seeing her face. Her innocent smile, her dark hazel eyes.... she's still looking at me.... Damn, I forgot, I have to say something! "Uhh, do you... like.... flowers?".... Pathetic.... She's kneeling down in a bush of flowers, and I ask her that? Ughh.... her facial expression says it all. I can't bear this. **Rewind** Alright, we'll do that again, but with a question that's less lame. Something genuine and inquisitive just to start a conversation, and we'll take it from there. Fake smile on, and strut mode engage. I turn and gesture towards her again. "Hey, excuse me.... do you.... have the time by chance?" Alright, kind of shaky, but not too bad, let's go with that. She lets out a short giggle as she looks towards my wrist. "Oh, no, no.... this isn't a watch... it's a... thing...." I'm way too nervous... I feel a sweat beading down my cheek. Ughh.... why is this so hard! She gestures towards her wrists with pure elegance, showcasing the lack of watch there, as she forces a smile. "Ahh... that's.... oh...." I.... The pressure is immense. **Rewind** Alright.... One more.... Let's keep it simple... I feel like I've thought that before.... I take a deep breath and smile. Hopefully this'll be enough. I walk up, speaking gently as to not alert her. "They're beautiful, aren't they?" She looks back up towards me, and smiles. "Yeah, they're really nice..." It's the first time she's spoke, her voice was beautiful and soft. Alright, focus. We got this. "I know most people in Zaun, but... I don't think I've met you yet." "Oh, I've been around for a little while." "Well, it's nice to meet you, I'm..." "Ekko." She cuts off my sentence.... She knows who I am, she's known this entire time. My first instinct was to reach for my wrist, but something tells me I should stay. "So, you're here for the Autumn lions, too?" "Uhh, yeah.... My friends wanted some for an experiment, and they look pretty cool, so..." "So tell me, how many times have you talked to me in the last ten seconds?"..... She calls me out. She knows who I am, and my powers. That's kind of scary. I guess my reputation proceeds me in Zaun. "I'll take your silence for a few.... It must be nice, having the ability to do things without consequences." "Hah, well... sometimes there's no avoiding consequences. The best you can do is just make sure they're the least harmful, you know?" "Not really.... I guess that's something only you'd have to deal with." She gives off "Heh, I guess so...." "Hmm.... I want to try it." She looks up at me, thoughts obviously formulating behind her beautiful eyes. I don't really get where she's going, but I'm sure she's about to tell me. "You have the ability to go back at a moment's notice, right?" she asks inquisitively "Uhh, yeah, I just twist this, and.... back I go." "Alright.... I have a plan." I feel as though I can trust this stranger, but the look in her eyes worries me just a little. "What you're going to do, is go back in time, pick some flowers, and say nothing. Just smile, and walk away." "Uhh... why?" "Listen. Once you've done that, go off to your friends. Tomorrow, swing by Reedus' bakery around closing time. Strike up a conversation." I'm slightly confused. "....Why are you telling me this?" "Because.... I like you..." This girl, this girl I've only known for ten minutes.... well, thirty seconds in her time, and she likes me? "I thought you were too cool, but you've been time travelling just so you could talk to me. That nervous smile I saw when you asked about the flowers... I can tell you're a good guy." She begins to get up, each movement slow and purposeful. "You know you won't remember this when I go back, right?" "You have a nice smile.... if I see it, I'm sure I'd know." I feel really nervous, but the nerves melt away as they're met with her smile. "Tell me, what's your name?" She lets off a mischevious giggle, "Now if I tell you, that'd be cheating." Confused, I give a slight raise of my eyebrow. "I've given you more than you need to find out my name, now if I don't tell you, the only way you could find out is if you do as I've asked." She has a relatively good point. I mean, I could just rewind and ask her name, she'd never know, but.... I don't think telling her would help at all. I give off an affirming nod. "Alright... you won't remember it, but I guess it's a date." She walks up to me with a smile, as her face goes seldom for a moment. "...The ability to act... without consequences...." She leans in and grabs me by scarf, pulling me to her. Our lips meet. I'm caught off by what's happening, but eventually find myself relaxing. We move closer, as her hand traces down my arm.... and to my wrist. My wrist..... no, she's- **Rewind** I fly back to where I once was, looking on to her, tending to her flowers. I don't have nerves, I'm not scared, and even better, thanks to this girl, I know what I need to do. I bend down, and pick some of the Autumn Lions. I'm not sure which ones are the good ones.... I should have asked her.... oh well. I look over to her, as she's inspecting me. Our eyes meet, and I let out a sincere smile. She matches it with her own. I then get up, and walk away. ___________________________________________________________ "So that's why you're bailing on us tomorrow? you met some girl?" "Pffft, pansy. Don't hurt her widdwe feewings Ekko." "Alright... I have a solution to this." **Rewind** "I can't hang out tomorrow because of what happened this afternoon...." I tell them as I adjust my Zero-Drive. "Alright, fine. I.... forgot to set my Zero-drive, and hurt my leg. I'm getting a medic to look at it tomorrow, as it hurts a bit." "So that's why you're bailing on us tomorrow? you idiot, I thought you went flower picking, and you hurt yourself?" "Pffft, pansy. You told us you ALWAYS set your Z-drive whenever there's a risk of some sort." "Yeah.... I do."
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