Lunar revel contest - A Taste of power.

> Hey, I'm a fond OCE league player who hasn't really written much actual story stuff, the only real writing I've done is writing tiny short stories for my friends on discord, please give feedback and hope you enjoy reading, thanks _**A TASTE OF POWER** _ You could feel the shaking in the sand. The bitter taste of war stained the air like blood on a cotton cloth robe. Sand twinkled in the wind as it was thrown from its home upon the ground, the land on which the men galumphed was sacred, although no creatures nor living souls had walked here for years. Alone in the desolate landscape was a single worn hut, it’s red glistening rooftop had been chipped, the hinges on the door that welcomed warm bodies was only half adjoined to the structure, this building had seen many battles, obvious signs that it's true inhabitants had left this land many moons ago. But in the open doorway stood a single female figure. The rumbling grew closer. DING… DING… DING... The men stiffened, the person stood unfazed by the thousands of men before her, the spears and armor did not frighten her, she kept her ground in that small hut. “You know, I thought you’d bring more honestly. A little pig tells me this won’t be a fair fight.” Her hair was a fair brown. Although the beaming rays of light made it appear a lighter shade, Her attire consisted of a clear colour palette: black, a harsh red, and most importantly, royal gold, her weapons were made out of it and so were parts of her clothing. A large feathered figure was arisen upon a pedestal held by struggling, sweaty servants. “Vayne, I come in seek of the pig of that you withheld from our forces, surrender him now and I will grant you safe passage through these lands.” His voice boomed through the valley of sand, it’s strength carried such power, such weight. She smirked. It was now quiet, they awaited a reply, the only sound that polluted the air was that of Vayne clicking bolts into her large artillery, “And what if I refuse, this, oh so gracious offer of taking my beloved companion and turning him into some sort of… Putrid mockery of the land that I once called home, laying waste to all I hold so dear, just so that I may wonder these empty lands, the lands that hold creatures that I dare not describe.. What happens then. Azir.” Azir was brooding about this. He held his feathery hands to his face. “I know what walks among the sands. We can protect you. Provide a shield for you until you reach where you wish to go.” There was a slight amount of annoyance in his voice, he had already lost many men to the plague and even more to starvation and thirst, if he was to prove to his men that he was a leader that they needed, then he couldn’t lose anymore to a squabble. The air was tense enough to cut open petricite, both parties were thinking, planning. _Oink Oink_, the tippy tapping of hooves made a racket in the empty space behind Vayne. “Don't worry little dude, we’ll be fine, I'm not gonna give you up to him, we just have to buy time for our big friends, OK little dude?” _Oink Oink Oink_ retorted the pig. A sigh left her mouth, he agreed, although in such a disapproving manner. Azir beckoned her, “Come Vayne, give me the creature and we can forget we even discussed this ma-.” **BOOM! **The sand beneath the soldiers erupted with the power of a thousand suns, the sharp blinding glow of spiritual cloth and bright yellow symbols now overpowered the colours of the land, the soldiers couldn't see what had caused this, but they knew it was there. Men protected Azir by forming a barrier between the unknown object and his untouched feather. But he knew what was to come. “WE MUST RISE AND OBLITERATE THE FOOL THAT STANDS BEFORE OUR MIGHTY ARMY.” He called to his men, empowering them with the strength to fight, and then, without any warning, a huge glowing yellow fire ignited and burned brightly, before them stood the lunar god, Nasus, his power was unrivaled, except by that of Warwick. “YOU KNOW AZIR I WOULD LOVE TO STAY BUT I THINK I GOTTA RUN, DUTY CALLS” Vayne shouted, clutching the chubby pig in her arms, it too was covered with the runic symbols that Nasus adorned. The only thing that stood between her and an army of a few hundred thousand was a god, she liked the sound of those odds. That’s when the fight began. Nasus swung his incredibly large axe towards the mass of warriors, an explosion wiped out thousands, yet the swords, crafted from rare magic infused jade, did no damage to the god. “We just got to get far enough so that we can-. Oh my god…” A shadow befell onto her, before her stood a large bright figure, she knew at once who she gazed upon, the beast’s mouth snared in response to her gaze, _Oink_. “Buddy, we have to do what we’ve been practicing, I trust you.” Vayne exclaimed to the pig, the beast edging closer _Oi-Oink_. The pig glowed brightly, then. The once just for show swirls of ink on scattered throughout vaynes body, shone. Her hair transitioning from a shade of brown, to a platinum white, her attire followed this palette change, and the moon hair pin. Became a fiercely lit moon. The weapons that sat unused on her arm and back, were now emitting an empowering golden glow. She smirked in the face of danger, her bolts cocked, “Ok Warwick, Lets dance.”
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