Gamble of Sorts; Twisted Fate's Piltover Expedition

>It’s my first time writing a fanfic, stories in general, suggestions would be appreciated! :D Twisted Fate dodged humanoid figures and metal carts as he sprinted away from the wooden docks and wharfs. The famous cargo ships _Hidden Seastar_ and _Pilt’s Glory_ were being loaded behind him, and shouts of “Thief! Cutpurse!” followed him as he ran away. He hefted a leather purse in his left, a blood-red rune-inscribed card in his right. Peeking inside as he ran, he discovered it was full of trademark gold pieces and expensive rings from an earlier victim of his games – Master Henmar. _Bingo! _ he thought as he ran through the dense, grey fog of Piltover. Twisted Fate’s grey-green armour made it hard to see him in the fog, and yells of “Where’d he go! Catch him!” faded behind him as he pounded down a narrow, cobblestoned alley. He slowed down as he approached the massive staircases of Piltover, gears and pulleys grinding into motion as a large metal cart was pulled up the cliff. His card was vibrating, telling him he still wasn’t safe. _What now? _ He slowed to a brisk walk, heart thudding dully in his armour. _I need to get a shirt or something. Gets cold in this damn fog._ Twisted Fate looked around with a glint in his violet eyes, surveying his surroundings – not that much could be seen. _Screw this. I need to finish this job. _ Twisted Fate began his ascent up the marble staircase, clutching his card and stolen purse, humming to a song from his childhood. Suddenly, a shrill whistle cut through the fog. A blast of wind almost forced Twisted Fate to his knees, clearing the fog and leaving him with no cover. He swore, flipping the card in his hand. His golden collar glinted in the dawn light, vying for attention with Officer Vi’s dark blue uniform and pink hair, waving in the aftereffects of her little display of power. Her ride was nowhere to be seen. _Luck on my side?_ questioned Twisted Fate. “Where do you think you’re going?” Vi posed, hands on her hips as she stood tall on the metal spire of a building beside the giant marble staircase. Twisted Fate smirked, and bowed low. “Why, hello, my favourite law enforcer! Looking good as usual!” “Under arrest,” stated Vi, taking out a pair of handcuffs. She bent her knees, preparing to jump down. “You know me?” enquired Twisted Fate. “Pfft. Who hasn’t heard of you? Twisted Fate,” spat Vi, holding the handcuffs out. “When have I ever been so accommodating, and when has anyone managed to catch and keep me?” locking eyes with Vi, Twisted Fate winked, grinning widely, and bolted up the stairs, towards the cliff overlooking Piltover’s port. Vi jumped down from her perch and ran, pursuing him. Twisted Fate dodged into a side-alley, zig-zagging between carts, alleys, running through bars and ill-reputed taverns to throw Vi off his scent. “Not so fast!” Vi muttered to herself as she locked onto her prey as he ran through a straight road with no side alleyways. She ran faster than ever to catch the elusive malefactor, clenching her fists, ready to take a blast at him. Noticing her slight gain on him, Twisted Fate reached a fork in the road, turned left and ducked into a doorway, waiting for her to get past so he could run the other way._ Well, isn’t the woman fast?_ Twisted Fate grinned, blood pumping in his veins, feeling high off the chase. _Most fun I’ve had in ages! _ His cards started vibrating again, and he flipped it over his fingers. “Hah. Like she’s gonna get me.” “He’s disappeared…” Vi muttered, slowing down as she reached the fork in the road. "Let's take the left one. He might come back down this way to try and fool me," she continued. Vi ducked into a tailor’s shop on her left. She nodded at the tailor, who made way for the Officer. Chewing on her gum, she made her way to the back exit of the shop. She opened the door, stepping back as she pulled it inwards. _What the … !_ Twisted Fate stumbled as the door he was leaning on opened behind him. His card dropped from his right as he grasped at the air to try and stop his fall. “Twisted Fate!” He landed on his arse, and as he looked up to see who it was … “Who…” Vi exclaimed as a armoured, braided figure fell into the shop. “Twisted Fate!” “Oh DAMN!” Twisted Fate shouted, flipping back onto his feet, somersaulting backwards over Vi’s head. The shop’s tailor poked his bald head into the doorway to the corridor the two were in, earning himself a smack from Twisted Fate’s gauntleted hand as he was pushed out of the way. Twisted Fate ran out of the store, braids swinging wildly behind him, Vi hot on his heels. “I know where you’re headed! It’s a dead end! VERMIN!” Vi shouted as she chased Twisted Fate for the second time that morning. Her heart thudded, her blood boiling as she thought of how close she had been to catching him. “REACTION TIME!” she roared as she chased him, angry with herself. Twisted Fate pumped his legs, speeding towards the cliff. A street worker with a cart of rubbish got heaved to the sidewalk as Twisted Fate grabbed his cart and flipped it over, spilling its contents all over the street to buy him some time before Vi got to him. _Need time for my show. _ Twisted Fate chuckled to himself, smiling widely to himself, as if he hadn’t just been a few fingers away from capture. Vi cleared the small obstacle in her path, her fury driving her to greater performance as she chased the card-swindler. She ran until she realised there was empty blue sky to her sides, the cliff’s edge metres away from her. Twisted Fate was on the edge, facing her. Vi laughed loudly, spitting out her gum onto the ground. “Where now, Master Fate?” she smiled, confident of her catch. “Well … you see, Master Henmar’s purse was just a small distraction.” Twisted Fate grinned, hefting the leather purse in his left. His right was hidden behind his back. “In fact, you can have it back.” He threw the heavy leather purse to Vi. Vi plucked it from the air, raising an eyebrow. “Bribery isn’t going to work - show me your right,” she said as she took a step towards Twisted Fate. “Of course, but as I said, it was a distraction,” Twisted fate smiled and brought out his right hand from behind his back. Dangling from his hand was a black purse, the emblem of Piltover’s police force on it. “Thanks for attending the show, and for so kindly lending me your purse. Though I do wish it wasn’t the only thing I could’ve grabbed,” Twisted Fate winked and twirled, his braids swinging as a flurry of cards enveloped him. Vi took a few numb steps towards him, the fact that the cutpurse had her purse still not sinking in, but as she reached where he was, a single calling card remained, marking Twisted Fate’s being there at all – besides Vi’s stolen purse. She watched, devastated that her money, keys to her ride, and other necessities had gone – along with her chance to bring in Twisted Fate. Drunk in sorrow, she collapsed to her knees and surveyed the ocean below. A ship was passing through the Sun Gates. Its bright red and yellow colours identified it as the Hidden Seastar. “Another ship that belongs to some criminals, I’m sure,” Vi grinded her teeth, her hate for criminals overcoming her sense of loss for a brief moment. Twisted Fate appeared in an explosion of cards on the poop deck of the _Hidden Seastar_. He looked up to see the top of the Sun Gates as the ship passed out onto the open sea. Graves rushed up to Twisted Fate from the other side of the deck, hefting his heavy shotgun over one shoulder. “Nice to see you back. How’d it go?” he asked, clapping Twisted Fate on the back. Twisted Fate held up the black purse, smirking all the while. Graves snatched the purse from Twisted Fate. “Nice! Now on to the second part of our plan!” “Nothing else to say?” “No. What? Don’t say something corny, I swear,” Graves grinned as he looked at his partner in crime, the beginnings of a laugh welling up in his chest. “That … was one hell of a gamble!”
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