Riot Academy | Skins Story Slam 2018

There are several questions running through my head as Headmistress Fiora explains to me the university’s history. Questions like why are there swords in her office? Why is she holding a ruler? And who is the fox lady standing next to her? Fiora strikes the table with her ruler, the aching sound ringing in my ears. “At Riot Academy, we do not hesitate to kick failures that would sully its name. Here we sharpen our blades as we do our minds, do you understand?” The ruler snaps, she throws it into a bin with other unfortunate rulers. I can feel the fierce intensity oozing out of her, I can only nod hoping to please her. “Good, welcome to the Academy, Ahri shall show you around campus.” A brief silence follows as Ahri is still on her phone. Fiora clears her throat. “Ahri.” Still no response. Fiora opens a drawer with more rulers, grabs one and pokes her with it. Ahri jumps, startled and shuffles over to me. “Alright new kid, follow me.” I feel the heavy burden lift the moment I leave her office and into the crowded hallway. She looks over at me. “We’re going to get some food first, I’m famished.” I follow her - we don’t speak as she remains occupied with her phone. Eventually we pass people who are lining up. We get to the front of the line where a waiter stands between the people and the entrance to a restaurant. “The Academy has hired one of the best cooks in the world - MasterChef Tahm Kench. He has agreed on the condition they give him his own restaurant.” The waiter signals us to enter. Another waiter takes us to our table and Ahri chooses from the menu for the both of us. “Chef Tahm Kench has also taken five students to study in his Culinary Master Class as his apprentice; Baker Pantheon, The Brisket Queen Leona, Sashimi Akali, The Butcher Olaf and Sinful Desserts Morgana, you can see them over there.” Behind the glass window is the kitchen where Tahm Kench barks orders at the other five chefs, they work frantically to keep up the pace. Akali throws her fish up; it lands on the plate as sushi. Pantheon makes the crust base for Morgana while she garnishes two cups of pudding. Olaf is chopping meat with an… axe? For Leona to grill. The waiter comes back with the two puddings and places them in front of us. "Yum... strawberry!" After eating, we continue walking around the Academy, I am taken to the Riftnasium just in time to witness a basketball game, the crowd is cheering for their star player Darius as he jumps and performs a slam-dunk ripping the pole with his hands. "Dunk is the gift I give to you." With the day almost over, we decide to sit on a bench at Twisted Park. There are all sorts of people here; friends making a small study circle, running around, summoning saplings, planting mushrooms, feeding the birds. Ahri sighs. “And with that my job is done.” Suddenly, we are ambushed from the bushes behind us by a strange flamboyant man holding two oversized microphones. He exclaims in a loud, booming voice. “Draven here, the Academy’s fabulous reporter!” Ahri grimaces. “Ugh. I do not have time for this." Draven replies, “Draven wants to ask: what you think of the Academy after your first day?” I stammer to reply. "There are so many weirdos here... It's awesome!" He grins ear to ear. “And there you have it! Draven is awesome, don’t forget to use the #Draven to tell Draven how awesome you think Draven is. We’ll be heading to our weatherwoman Forecast Janna as it looks like Draven will be taking a Draven break. Meanwhile… Draven!"

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