Crash Landing [Skin Story Slam 2018][Odyssey]

The Morning Star had fully landed onto Harenae, 'landed' being a subjective term. The ship was tilted 30-degrees on its side as it half landed and half crashed onto the surface. Courtesy of the excellent, and completely certified, pilots: Jinx and Malphite. The doors to the bridge slid open as Yasuo walked into the room diagonally to counteract the tilt. His little pet space, alien, lizard thing, Space Lizard, sitting comfortably on his shoulder. He saw Malphite was picking up his giant pauldrons and Jinx's assortment of guns that had slid to the lower end of the ship, while Jinx herself was fiddling with the main control panel. Calmly, Yasuo asked, "May I ask why the ship is on its side? I thought you said you both had a degree in the theoretical physics of space crafts and piloting." Still focussed on the control panel, Jinx yelled back, "No silly! I said we had a THEORETICAL DEGREE in space craft physics and piloting. Ain’t that right Malphy?" "Uh-huh." With a groan, Yasuo face palmed, hard. Sliding his hand down his face revealed the new red hand print he created. Thinking back, Yasuo tried to remember why he hired these two buffoons and why he agreed to get aboard their glorified piece of scrap metal that they, lovingly, call a ship. His thoughts were interrupted as the speaker system came to life and Pentakill started roaring through them. Space Lizard jumped and tried to hide in Yasuo’s oversized pony tail. “Ha-ha, it still works!” Jinx cheered while air guitar-ing to the heavy metal. Smiling, and cheering a little himself, Malphite, with literal fists full of Jinx’s guns and munitions, swung his hands in the air and did a lumbering dance with Jinx. Breaking her sweet air guitar, Jinx reached out and held a button down on the console. A static click and high pitch whine came out of the speakers behind the music. Scrunching up her face, moving as close to the console’s mic as possible, in a strained, yet chipper tune, Jinx bellowed into the PA system, “ALRIGHT NEW KID! TIME TO GO FIND US SOME SPACE WURM! COME ONE LETS ROCK AND ROLLLLLL.” Clicking the PA off, Jinx’s face was replaced a glee as she started skipping past Yasuo towards the ships exit, humming to the music along the way. “Come on Malphy, it’s time to go luring wurm!”. Disappointed they weren’t partying any more, Malphite let out a sombre, “Ok.”, before scooping up as many of the guns as he could fit into his arms, waddling past Yasuo towards the door as well. Stoic faced, standing diagonally, and having heavy metal assaulting his ears, Yasuo contemplated what his life had become, before turning around and following suit. In one swift motion, Jinx pushed out Morning Star’s exit stairs, jumped onto the rails, and started to slide down. Pentakill’s music very clearly blaring outside as well. Looking around the flat, orange, desert landscape, Jinx could see large rock piles and vegetation scattered around the planet surface, with some large tentacled and rocky fauna in the distance. “Coooool.” Jinx cooed. Not looking down, Jinx didn’t realise the bottom of the stairs was about 3 stories off the ground and slid directly into a free fall. “Woah! Oh boy!” Quick to react, she extended her mechanical arm and leg towards the ground and managed to roll onto the sandy surface of Harenae, mitigating some of the impact. Lying face up, she noticed Malphite walking down, bouncing the metal staircase under each heavy step and unable to see past all of the guns he was carrying, “Umm, Malph!” Jinx called out, “You might want to watch your…” then with a quieter voice, as Malphite walked right off the edge, “…step.” Malphite released the cradled weaponry in panic and went into free fall himself. Jinx, looking up, slowly widened her eyes with a big, open smile on her face. The bundle had turned into a glorious shower of guns and bullets. Entranced by the spectacle, time slowed to crawl and all sound was blocked out. The planet’s sun silhouetted the metal rain and reflected brilliant gleams of light. Malphite, hurtling towards her, wailing his arms and legs with a silent scream on his face. Truly beautiful. Snapping out of it, jinx protected her body with her mechanical limbs once more as Malphite and the hardware crashed beside her. Yasuo jumped and landed softly onto the ground nearby. “It is a wonder how you two have been able to survive this long.” he commented while Jinx and Malphite were getting up. “You hear that Malphy? He just called us wonderful!". Malphite gave a low rumbling laugh in response. Yasuo didn’t bother with a response. Sona finally came out of the ship with her etwahl and ora orb. Gracefully floating out of the ship, she looked around with a confused expression, noticing the Morning Star’s position and curious why the music was playing so loudly. She recognised the song from her teen years. It reminded her of when she pretended she was part of the band and dressed up, calling herself Pentakill Sona. She shuddered at the memory, “Never again.” She thought to herself. Picking up her guns, Jinx noticed Sona coming down, “Oi, new kid, you really gotta teach me how to use your ora orb thingy to float. Imagine how much cooler I’d look if I was flying! Come on, chuck me the orb.” Sona’s eyes widened enough for her eyes to pop out. She grabbed her orb and hugged it to her chest, shaking her head furiously. “Alright, alright, fine. Sheesh, protective much? Come on, lets go.” Breathing a sigh of relief, Sona relaxed once more. Armed and ready, the Morning Star crew started heading out in single file. Jinx was in the lead skipping along a meandering path, zigging and zagging away from the ship. Malphite, more than happy to follow, was closely behind Jinx, smiling, while Yasuo and Sona followed confused. “Jinx, what are you doing?” Yasuo asked, 10 seconds into the journey. “Oh, I’m just bored waiting for the monster to show up already. I thought it’d already be here.” Yasuo and Sona looked at each other, worried. “And why are we expecting it to be here exactly?” “Kayn said the Harenae wurm absolutely hates music, especially metal. So, he suggested we use the ship to attract it….” Everyone but Jinx stopped walking. They all looked at each other even more concerned than before while Jinx continued to zig and zag ahead. “Wait, did you just say Kayn?” Turning around Jinx replied, “Hmmm? What? Oh right, yeah! Kayn told me about the wurm hating music and I thought that playing heavy metal THAT loud in the ship would of already attracted a dumb 500 metre wurm, but the stupid thing isn’t showing up!” “500 metres!? Jinx, what exactly have you gotten us into?” The ground began to rumble. Growing stronger and stronger by the second. Sona floated stationary above the ground, darting her head left and right trying to find the cause of the rumbling while everyone else focussed on trying to stay standing. “Did we not come here to hunt a big wurm for credits?” Yasuo asked, keeping his upper body gyroscopically still while his legs counteracted the earthquake. Jinx, wailing side to side trying to keep balance, “No silly, what made you think that? Kayn said...” putting on her best Kayn impression, which wasn’t very good, “If you want to meet me, then come to my planet Harenae and destroy your ship. Then, and only then, will I show my face and you can come face me. I’ll finally have the opportunity to destroy you and get her back!” breaking impression, “Ha-ha, he’s so funny!”. A new red hand was printed onto Yasuo’s face. The rumbling began to subside as a wurm suddenly erupted from the desert sand nearby. Everyone turned and looked at the ginormous purple creature who was facing towards the ship, the sound of Pentakill once again becoming very clear after the rumbling. The wurm did not like that one bit. Rearing its head, the wurm crashed head first into the centre of the Morning Star. Broken metal shrapnel flying out, killing the music almost immediately. Satisfied with a job well done, the wurm slowly slithered back underground. The sky suddenly darkened and Kayn’s digital face filled the sky, “Ahhh, wonderful, well done. I saw everything from here. Welcome to my planet Jinx and friends. Now, try come and get me!” Kaun laugh manically. “Yay, SO COOL!” Jinx exclaimed. Malphite and Sona worrying looked at Kayn and Jinx, Yasuo was already on his phone. “Yes, hi Ziggs, remember that favour you owe me? Well I’m going to cash in. Yes, you could say we crashed landed in way. Mhm. Yes, we are going to need operation Odyssey. We’re going to need an extraction.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Thanks for reading!** Found out about this writing competition only yesterday, so this might seem a little rushed but it was super fun to write. First time writer on this kind of stuff, saw a some of the entries be super serious so I tried to go for a more light-hearted story. This story is meant to be the precursor to the 'Odyssey Extraction' event where instead of the Morning Star crew saving Ziggs, its Ziggs saving the crew from Kayn (and Jinx's decisions). Word Count= 1489/1500 **Credit where credits due:** Theoretical degree in physics joke is in reference to 'Fallout: New Vegas', slightly changed quote from NPC 'Mr Fantastic'. Seemed to kind of fit into the story (or maybe I shoehorned it and couldn't tell) so I chucked it in.

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