[LRF Contest] Josephine, the strange girl

Josephine was quite an interesting girl, She has been interested in mechanics for fourteen years now almost fifteen and her dad was really proud of her. She loved building random things especially rockets and guns. During the process of making a highly dangerous and explosive rocket, Josephine thought she had finished her rocket so she went out back to test it. She aimed it up, sky high and fired. It was looking good so far but then it ran out of fuel,the rocket came pummeling down and demolished Josephine’s house into a pile of rubble. She quickly rummaged through the parts of the house in search of her parents but there was no sign of them. After a while an ambulance came followed on by firetrucks and police cars. The police had a talk with Josephine, telling her that she had to move over to China with her aunt Mary-Ann. Josephine’s aunt was so pleased to see her, Josephine’s aunt gave nicknames to all her nieces and nephews and Josephine’s was Jinx or Jinxy. A couple weeks had past and lunar new year was coming up but Josephine wouldn’t get into the festival spirit, she just stayed in her aunt’s garage working on her rocket. Her aunt finally got her out of the house and told her to walk to the markets to get some food for tonight, while Josephine was gone her aunt snuck into the garage because she was curious as to what Josephine had been spending all this time doing down there. Mary-Ann found a humongous rocket and she was shocked, but then she smirked. She started her arts and crafts early this day and dressed up the rocket for lunar new year, she called it the firecracker. Josephine came in and saw her aunt fiddling with her rocket. Josephine ran in without thinking but it was too late. Again the ambulance came followed by firetrucks and police cars but this time the police thought that Josephine had purposefully killed her aunt. Josephine got sent to prison and it toughened her up and everybody called her by the name jinx instead of Josephine. After a while in prison she became the chief, the boss, the master, she became the queen of prison, everybody would take orders from her, do jobs for her because she made a promise that she was gonna get them all out of prison with her super mega death rocket that she had been perfecting. Jinx got ready, and launched her rocket straight into the side of the prison wall, guards went flying and prisoners started running. Jinx made her escape easily but some guards were sacrificed that day. Jinx didn’t live so easily from then on but then she realized that her aunt had made her a dress for part of the lunar new year. She twerked it a bit so it was comfy. Wearing this enabled her to live out her life, without being recognized for the fugitive she is.

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