Leadership From Fresh Blood

Taliyah looked ahead of her. In the Shurima Castle, all was too painfully familiar . As each dreadful hour passes, Taliyah loses more hope in finding her _family_ . Is the Great Weaver not watching over them? Surfing her stone she freshly conjured up from the ground, she continued looking. Until, a foreign blue light entered her line of sight. It was a hologram of a blue man- in a fancy blue suit , with sleek blue hair, with fancy blue shoes.  It seemed to all be the same shade of blue! Taliyah marvelled at the moving hologram, as she had never seen such a thing . The mysterious blue man looked down at his scroll. "Taliyah, is it? " The man called out. Taliyah was shocked. How did he know her name? " This is an official invitation for you to join the League of Legends. Surely you have heard of us, have you not? " The League of Legends. Taliyah was sure she had indeed never heard of it. So, she shook her head no. "Are you not able to speak, like that Sona girl? Because, if you are, negotiations might get complicated... But alas, I have a lot of paperwork to get back to. I'm on a tight schedule today- well every day. So, do you accept the invitation or not? If you do, I will teleport you to our base, and we may start negotiations. In case you don't know, this is a job opportunity, with flexible payment. For example, that Kayle girl, made a deal with our - ah - former high counselor to stop all League interferance to her world because her sister Morgana had stronger powers granted to her when she joined the League of Legends . Others,are here for money. Like that Gangplank pirate- yes, I believe that is the name- wished for a chest full of gold for each year of his service. Anyways, if you don't accept...well, let's just say you'll never hear from us again. Many wish to join the league, others are chosen." The man paused to allow Taliyah to think a bit. "What.. are the limitations to these.. flexible payments in the.. Leage of legends?" Taliyah said, testing out the word on her tongue. "Oh, you do speak! That's very well. And darling it's " League " of Legends. Anywho, yes. Most payments are do-able. The League of Legends does have a very powerful upper hand in the community of Runeterra. These matters will be discussed only if you agree in joining. Now, will that be a yes or a no?" The man said, putting on the best fake smile he had. They'd give us most things? Most reasonable payments.. Is that so.. "What's the catch?" Taliyah said, still unconvinced. "Your services! In years, of course. Preferably, for thousands. But as I said, these will be discussed later. Are you in or not?" The man seemed most annoyed now. Thousands of years! That's too much, isn't it? But.. It could save her tribe... Indirectly. If the League of Legends was powerful enough to stop some sort of interferance in another world, they must have some power here, in Shurima, wouldn't they? Committing to something that big is a hard choice. It was as if they were asking you not to live your life. But for her family.. She would do it. "Yes. I...I accept." Taliyah said. "Very well! I'll see you in the negotiation room then!" And with that, white light was all around her, and she felt her exsistance being pulled away from the Shurima desert, into the League of Legends. After allowing a moment for herself not to puke, Taliyah saw a man that was exactly the same as the man in the blue light, except now with a bigger variety of colors. Taliyah now wondered if she was color blind. "Hello Taliyah, my name is Heyward Relivash. Now let's directly skip to the negotiations-" And with that, they started. "-and here's your pack. I'm sure you'll find yourself at home. Welcome to the League of Legends." Taliyah was then teleported to the common room. She looked around her. The most fascinating thing was that their names were all somehow comveiniently floating above their heads. Fiddlesticks (what kind of name was that?) Nocturne, and Shaco radiated a sense of darkness and fear. In another corner, two small children - Amumu and Annie - were having a conversation. She continued looking around until... "Little sparrow, what brings you here? " a familiar voice spoke behind her. She turned around to face her former master, the one who seemed to have left an empty crater in her heart when he disappeared that day. She looked up to his hair to see the red linen she had given him to remember her. " Yasuo. Why are you here?" " Same as you little sparrow. The flexible payment. What did they agree with you?" Taliyah thought back to her conversations with the man. "I'd like you to stop azir from enslaving any Shurimans. People like my family. " "That is too big of a request that I can make for you. I'm afraid my powers go as far as protecting your family only. That request was probably possible when Reginald was here, but.." That man. The former high consuelor. She needed to find him. Everyone from Shurima needed her. "Yasuo.. Do you know what happened to Reginald?" "That man? No. But you could ask Kayle. She is also trying to find his whereabouts." "Kayle..?" "Seems like you need a guide in this place. I would gladly do the part." Yasuo's eyes drifted to her pack. "Did you put on your essence wristband yet?" Taliyah looked in her pack. "What for?" "It's to extract some of your life essence whenever someone plays you out on the digital fields of justice - like the Summoners Rift. Usually it's extracted when you're asleep, but since its your first day, its going to be extracted during the day. Just today. You'll be really tired today but.. are you sure that you still want to find Kayle? She has wings so she's always flying about so it would be quite hard to find her." Yasuo explained. "I must find him to save my people. Let's go." strapping on the wristband, Taliyah started searching for a being with wings. "Is that her?" "No, that's Morgana, her sister. They hate each other." "How about her?" "That's just Quinn in her Phoenix costume. She doesn't actually have wings. It's her bird, Valor." After a few more no's, they found Kayle in the League Documents Room. "Excuse me, Kayle? Hello, um.. Do you know what happened to Reginald Ashram?" Kayle looked up from her pile of documents. "That is what I've been trying to find out for years, young one." "Years? How many, exactly?" Taliyah asked. "It would be.. 6. by now, yes." "And none of you are the least bit worried?" Taliyah didn't know the man, but it is definately not normal to be missing for 6 years. "What can we do? If we were to search for him, we'd always be recalled to homeland at 12 to sleep on our essence beds so they can extract our essence. Think of the danger if we did. Sure, we're immortal, but we can still get injured. Not only that, but your powers are still unstable, little sparrow." Yasuo said, expression unchanging. "Not only that, but Du Couteau is missing too." came a voice behind her, from a man in a blue cloak, his eyes dark. Taliyah looked at his name above his head. Talon. " He means my father." a girl with piercing emerald eyes and scarlet hair said, whose name was Katarina. "So... Reginald Ashram is missing, Du Couteau is missing, that's it?" Kayle summed up. " Shurima is now going through dark times, I would say that The Great Weaver has gone missing too.I'd really like to see her." Taliyah said. "I'm.. gonna watch one of the virtual matches. I felt my essence being pulled a bit a while ago." Katarina said, heading off . Taliyah, knowing she hasn't accomplished anything yet, followed after her. "Katarina? I think it's time for us to start searching for the missing people. Your father included." Taliyah said. "You seem like a nice Shuriman. But... he's been missing for 6 years." Katarina said, pain in her voice. "6 years as well?! There has to be a connection between the other cases. Please aid us in our search." Taliyah tried. "Alright. Meet me at the gates in 5 minutes." "Now?" And with that, Katarina was gone. "I hope you have a plan on how to get back here tomorrow morning." Yasuo said. "Warding totems?" Taliyah said. 5 minutes later, the 4 champions met out front. "Why does Runeterra have to be so vast?" Talon asked. > "I will follow this path until the end." Yasuo and Taliyah said, taking off, riding the stone and the wind. Katarina looked at Talon with a knowing glance and both took off after them. ========AN AVERAGE DAY AT RUNETERRA========= ~End
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