Nothing But The Voice

Nothing But The Voice "Such an unfortunate accident for her parents," she heard the strangers whispered as they glanced awkwardly at her as she passed them. "No wonder her parents left her, I can't believe even they took her in." "I heard it was only because they were deemed to remain barren, and because they so desperately wanted a child, they became her new parents. Otherwise, I'd say she'd probably have been left on the doorstep where she belongs." Useless. Pathetic. Insignificant. Sona became unsure whether these words were the murmurs from the crowds surrounding her, or from herself. Clutching her white lace dress, she made a dash for her home, tears sliding onto her cheeks as she wept soundlessly. However, a voice stood amongst them, soft and kind, yet she could her it through the horrific comments the people muttered around her. I am you, and you are me. Together, forever. Yet she saw no one. "Hello dear," her gentle mother said without looking at her as she sliced through several pieces of vegetable ever so swiftly. She had stains of leftover food on her apron that covered her light brown dress. Her long magenta hair curled across the back of her dress elegantly and seemed to sparkle from the sunlight coming from the window behind her. So beautiful, so kind, so talented. So... different from me, Sona thought as her eyes wandered to her own toes. Turning around, the brown-haired lady smiled was about to present her golden meal she had prepared, but her smile faded, for her adopted daughter had already left. Lying in her small blue bed, the little girl began dream. For a place where she could be accepted and magically gained her own ability to speak. She would dance along with the sounds of the birds in the tall trees around her special place and lie amongst the colourful flowers and hear the wind fly through her wavy blue hair. She would close her eyes and listen to her surroundings' music. This would be her new voice. Abruptly, thunder cackled and the skies which were once bright blue, were now clouded with grey clouds as it began to rain heavily. The birds songs had disappeared and the gentle breeze and become a harsh gale that shrieked horridly. Groups of people began surrounding her and all pointed their fingers at her accusingly. Shouts of insults were fired at her and she cowered into her own hands, embarrassed and afraid. The yelling then all merged into one word and they chanted it until it was drilled into her mind. "Mute. Mute. Mute. Mute." She tried to scream for help, but heard the sound of a soothing voice among the hurtful words. Come to the riverbank. Your special spot. I'll be waiting. Sona broke awake from her dream, sweating heavily and furiously panting. Millions of questions plagued her mind. Who was this person? How did they know my secret spot? But despite her head spinning, she knew that she must find this person. The little blue-haired girl crept out of her parents' house and used the stars in the night sky to guide her to her hidden sanctuary. After she reached the riverbank, she climbed up the oldest tree, trying to discover who this mysterious voice was. Finally, she reached her secret spot, a large hole carved straight into the tree's trunk, just big enough for Sona to hide in and watch the sunrise. However, a strange object had taken her special place. A golden instrument with delicate strings that shone like a jewel against the moonlight. The peculiar object seemed to be beckoning her. "Take me. Take me," it whispered in her head. As Sona brought the instrument down from the tree she was hypnotised by its stunning beauty. "Play me. Play me," the reassuring voice told her. Without thinking or even knowing how to play the instrument, her fingers seemed to move on their own, playing a serene melody that echoed across Ionia. As she continued playing, images flashed in her mind of the sadness she had experienced in her life. The name calling, her exclusion, her unknown parents that abandoned her, and she started to play a solemn tune that fully expressed her emotions. As she was playing, Sona heard the sobbing of something in the bush nearby and immediately stopped playing and her eyes darted towards the rustling bush. A tall woman revealed herself from the leaves and smiled at her while rubbing the watery drops from her eyes. The woman's long wavy hair was coloured blue and yellow at the tips. It was tied in a ponytail was draped over the woman's shoulder. "We've finally met, my darling Sona," the lady breathed, and embraced Sona with her warm slender arms. Sona almost collapsed from happiness as she gripped her mother tightly and cried into her arms and time seemed to stand still. When her mother broke the embrace, Sona wanted to ask hundreds of questions, but remembered that she could not speak, nor make a sound. However, her mother seemed to understand but merely asked Sona to play her one more song. Joyfully, Sona began to play dancing and jazzy music filled with the cheerfulness she had felt when seeing her true mother. But as she constantly played, her mother seemed to fade away, almost soaring into the moon. "We'll meet again, my loving Sona," she whispered as she became more and more transparent. Sona wanted to stop playing, she wanted her mother back, but her fingers wouldn't do as she told them, until the song had finally ended, and her mother completely disappeared. Her last words lingered in the air, "I love you." She glared at the instrument, almost hating it for making her mother vanish, but the voice, so similar to her real mother, rang out into her head. I am Etwahl. I am you, and you are me. Together, forever. She began to bring Etwahl on her bare feet back to her home. While stepping over small pebbles on the dirt road the sun rose behind her, bringing warmth to her back. She turned around and admired the blinding sun and it reminded her of the kindness she had received from her true mother and foster parents. Silently, she sat on the dusty ground and began to play an angelic melody that flew in the air like a bright white dove singing the beautiful song all around Runeterra. She closed her eyes as her hands guided her across the strings and the birds chirped and the breeze whistled in harmony with her. When Sona opened her eyes, she was surprised to see the Ionians surrounding her, without a sound coming from their mouths at all. A brown-haired woman walked up to her and bent down next to her. It was her mother who began to sing a wordless song as Sona played Etwahl. When the song finally ended, the forest was silent, no sound escaped from the people, the birds or even the wind. Finally, a gentle voice finally spoke. I am you, and you are me. Together, forever. But this voice did not remain inside her mind, the voice did not come from Etwahl, nor her true mother. This voice was her own.

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