Katarina's Misson

Katarina and Talon Walking down the streets in Noxus can be frustrating sometimes, people always trying to assassinate me, for what reason? I'm just an ordinary person with the licence to kill, what could I have done to make all these people want me dead? Oh, that's right. I'm a Du Couteau, one of the most blood-thirsting, battle-greedy households in all of Runeterra. We kill with precision and grace, we assassinate without a second thought or hesitation. We certainly do not let emotions get in the way of our missions. My name is Katarina, The Sinister Blade. Daughter to the prominent Noxian General Du Couteau. I was trained by the highest ranking assassins in all of Noxus, my Father standing at number one. I lusted for battle from a young age and it was not long until I requested my Father for a mission and I am here to tell you exactly what that mission was... I walk steady, breathing sharp as I clench my knives by my sides tightly. I was assigned to assassinate Talon, The Blade's Shadow. I knew assassinating him wouldn't be easy, but he had been killing mercilessly and without reason. He would go around late at night and sneak into people's bedrooms and cut their throat, it was his signature way of killing, he wanted them to feel no pain and to stay quiet as he made his exit. He cut with precision, just as we Du Couteaus, but he also seems to leave a beak shaped mark on his target's right arm. I have no idea if it's a sign, but we do know that he wants us to follow him. My Father sent me on this mission because he knew it would test my strength. But now that I'm actually here, it's hard to believe that this is going to be easy. I steady my breath as I see him leave a man's house through the window and run quickly and soundlessly across the rooftops, jumping from one house to the other. I follow him in hot pursuit, keeping enough distance for me to go undetected. I steady my breathing and see him change direction to the left. I stop for exactly three seconds before pursuing him once again. I had learnt it from my Father. He told me "When a target changes direction, stop chasing for three seconds before pursuing once again, this will guarantee that you will go undetected." "One...Two...Three...." I whispered to myself as I bolted after Talon again, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Where's he going? Is all that's running through my mind as he switches directions, again to the left, and again, I wait three seconds. "He's heading in a circle..." I whisper quietly to myself. What's he planning? I wonder as I follow him again. My mind ended up drifting to hundreds of questions about what he was doing that I forgot to pay attention to his direction. "Shit!" I say to myself. I lost him. I stand still for a while, not knowing where he went. I keep my ears perked and close my eyes. I hear drips of water spill off the sides of the rooftops and footsteps. Footsteps? I open my eyes quickly as I feel a blade pressed against my throat. Talon. I attempt to steady my fast-paced breathing as he presses his blade tighter against my throat. "Well, well, well. What have we here?" He whispers in my ear as I feel his free hand clamp my arms together so that I couldn't use my blades against him. "A female assassin?" He chuckled. "That's low, even for General Du Couteau. Sending his own daughter to her death like that. I guess he was just sick of you." He laughed in my ear in a hushed tone. I began to build up my fury as I felt his freehand remove my blades from my grasp. I guess he didn't want to take any risks. He threw one of my knives down and kept one in his left hand and made a wound on my cheek with it. It wasn't deep, but I think it was meant as something to prove that he would kill me. "Aren't you going to say anything, Kitty Kat?" He mocked me as he held my knife in front of me, stained with my own blood. "What do you want with me?" I ask him as he pulls his blade in tighter to my throat. "I don't want anything. I just want you to know that I can overpower you, is all." He replied. "Then why don't you just kill me then?" I ask him, taking my gaze off of my dagger for a second, attempting to keep my head still as to not slit my own throat. "Good question. Do I need to kill you? What will I gain from it? Is there anything in it for me? All of these are reasonably good questions. All I want from you, is a fight." He says as he removes the knife from around my throat and throws me onto the ground. "Now stand up and grab your knives." He laughed maniacally as he put my dagger down on the ground beside my feet. I instantly pick up my two daggers and get into a fighting position. He takes note of this and appears behind me. I quickly react with a shunpo to the other end of the rooftop as I throw one of my smaller daggers at his torso, a few miss but at least two strike him in his shoulder blades. He runs over to me and slashes at my forearm, missing by a centimeter. Close one. I charge at him and shunpo behind him, attempting to pull out my dagger from his shoulder blade. He turned around quick enough to grab my hand and twist it behind my back, pushing me onto the ground and stabbing my thigh. I grab a hold of my thigh in pain, leaving myself wide open, yet to my surprise Talon doesn't finish me off. "Sorry. I hate finishing off weak opponents. And I also need to do something really quick" He said, almost in a whisper, but loud enough for me to hear. "And what is that?" I ask him, taking a few steps back with my limp leg. He walks up to me and grabs my face in his hands and holds his blade up in front of my eyes. Is he going to blind me?! I screamed the question in my head as he twirled his blade, showing me my blood on his blade. He brought his weapon closer to my left eye. "Close your eyes and it'll hurt less" He whispered in my ear as he had the edge of his blade an inch from my face. I did as he said and close my eyes tightly. I felt his blade touch the top of my brow and make a shallow cut. I winced in pain and he drew his blade away quickly. I couldn't do anything to stop him, I was fatigued and the pain in my thigh was unbearable, all I could do was pull my head away, but that would just tire me further. I could feel the blade on my brow again, dragging it down, making a long scar down to my eyelid. I thought he would stop there but he kept going. Down my eyelid to underneath my eye. I began to open my eyes, but my left one felt stiff and I could feel the blood pour down my face. I opened my right eye to see Talon stand up and lick the blood off his blade. "You can not beat me, Sinister Blade. And I won't give you the mercy of death until you become evenly matched against me" He chuckled as he disappeared into the night, running across the rooftops in the light of the moon and stars as he could no longer be seen by Katarina... {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}}
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