Veigar and Lulu: not quite a love story

I have no clue how to format this, but basically, wherever there's a line break, the narrator changes; the first narrator is Veigar, then it's Lulu, then Veigar again etc. And just to make sure I stay within the word count (because it's like 1497 words long), the story begins below: The dawn of a new day and of new opportunities never fails to make me giggle with glee; such a grand world, so many people to torment. I sigh with anticipation – what mischief would I get up to today? I don my coat, my hat, and I glance in the mirror. Is something missing? I grab my glove, and emerge into the world. “Boil in mud, meddling fools, because what’s black and blue is about to show you all the definition of pain!” Most of them pay no attention, some dare to laugh, but one day, they’ll see. Suffering awaits these peasants. But there’s no time now. I’ve been evading the Bandle City officials ever since the incident. Lulu awaits me outside the city walls, and we leaving together today. I almost blush at the thought. Daydreaming, I almost don’t hear the clanking of metal down the street, the armour of the guards who just can’t get over that one time I stole the mothership. I sigh, and throw out an Event Horizon. Off I go; another day, another opportunity for evil! “Fuzzy! Zippy! Delightify!” I twirl and I whirl and I dance in the meadow. “Isn’t it pretty, Pix? So many colours!” Pix flutters about in reply. “Huh? Oh, you’re right, it does look purple.” Turns out the only flowers I’d planted were violets. Transmogulating children into flowers is so much easier than planting them yourself. I sigh. In the distance, I see a big metal glove approaching, and I smile. “Are you ready?” We whirl our wands and channel a teleporting spell, but a sudden commotion breaks our concentration. “What happened, Lulu?” “Shush, Veigar. Look – over there.” Bandle City’s royal guard had just mobilised, and was marching out of the city gates. Are they so determined to catch us? They can try! “Weaklings! Unimaginable is the power of the Master of Evil!” “Shh! I don’t want to have to polymorph you.” “But they’re coming for us! And besides, I owe them a healthy dose of suffering.” “Let me disguise us, and ask them what they’re doing.” She was right – Bandle City isn’t known for violence. So why is the Guard here at all? I can feel the cloaking spell take effect, and we approach apprehensively. “Morning! What are we up to today?” They respond as they continue marching. “The fair maiden Sona has been captured. We suspect Noxian spies are guilty. What they want with her, we do not know, but we must retrieve her before anything happens.” Sona? Veigar glances over at me and shrugs. “What was she doing here in Bandle City?” “She played a concert here last night” “So she was taken in the night?” “Actually, it happened this morning. There was quite a commotion.” “Commotion? But Sona can’t scream for help…?” “She was spamming like crazy on her etwahl… which is clearly a bad sign, because it’s not even URF week yet.” “Anything we can do to help?” “Not really, ma’am, just leave it to us.” We come to a halt as the procession marches on, waving goodbye like good, law-abiding citizens while planning our next move. As they move out of sight, we make eye contact, and the disguise wears off. “Who cares about Sona, let’s just leave as planned!” Why help this stranger when there is so much suffering to cause? “Don’t you think it’s a good chance to win back the favour of the officials? You’ll finally have a home, Veigar! Isn’t that worth anything?” “But…all the souls to swallow, all the champions to destroy!” “Well I don’t know about you, but I want to return to Bandle City someday. I left a life behind there, so I’m going to do everything I can to get it back. Right, Pix?” Pix flaps his wings in affirmation. “Okay, V, time to make a choice. I’m gonna go follow them now – are you with me?” I roll my eyes. “Fine.” Lulu flashed a smile and my heart skips a beat. “Let’s go then. I recommend skipping.” We didn’t reach the Noxian capital until late afternoon. The Guard had made a beeline for this place. By now, they’ve met with troops from Demacia, Ionia, and Piltover, as we watched from a nearby rooftop. Hm. Looks like kidnapping a pop star is a pretty serious crime. “Lulu, don’t you think we should leave before we get caught?” “V, that’s the whole point. If they catch us, maybe they’ll forgive us for what we’ve done. It’s the perfect chance for a new start, don’t you see?” “But what if I want to be evil?” What if I want to be evil with her? “No time for this now; they’re marching on.” The troops split up all over the city-state, marching down all the main streets, and up the mountain. “Who do we follow?” While Lulu decides, I spot something out of the corner of my eye: a small blue crest marking a small alley. It glows menacingly. “Lulu, what’s that?” “Let me send Pix after it. He’s a great scout.” Her purple friend darts towards the alleyway, disappearing as Lulu shuts her eyes. “What are you doing?” “Shh. You’ll see more with your eyes closed.” Cryptic. Before I have time to think about it, Lulu is alert again. “It’s the Black Rose; they’ve taken Sona.” I’ve only ever heard rumours of the Black Rose, my biggest rivals in Runeterra – what organisation is more feared, more evil than the Black Rose? This is my chance to destroy my competition. I can’t contain my excitement. “Let’s go after them!” “Wait. The Black Rose is scary – we should be careful.” “Nevermind that. You said it yourself – isn’t this the perfect chance to clear our names? Why hesitate when we’ve already come so far?” Lulu is lost in thought. Let’s give her a taste of her own medicine. “Okay, I’m going – are you in or not?” “Vroom vroom then.” The alleyway winds and winds and it wasn’t long before Veigar and I got lost completely. What’s more, the sun set an hour ago, and we had only Pix’s light. We raised our wands at the ready – who knows when something might happen. The sound of an etwahl. We step towards it tentatively, wands at the ready. A crow suddenly flies at me, and I turn it into a mushroom. A voice from the shadows. “Ahh, the Fae Sorceress. What an honour indeed!” It chuckles. Another whisper, indistinguishable. Veigar stays quiet next to me, but I can feel him draining the cosmic energy in the alleyway, preparing to fight. “Is that…the Tiny Master of Evil I sense?” He falls for the bait, and fires a Baleful Strike into the darkness. “Not so tiny now, hey?” Cackling. He missed, and we lost our cover. “Go Pix, illuminate!” He flies over, and I gasp at the sight. The scars, the cane, the crows. It could only be... “Swain! Hand Sona back right now!” Two cackles; his and a woman’s. “Surprised to see me?” She steps forward. Leblanc! She’s in on it too! “Hand her back, or we’ll have to fight!” “Hmph. Watch closely.” She disappears as her voice echoes. “It’s all smoke and mirrors.” She appears suddenly to our left. “Glitterlance!” No cigar. Veigar throws out an Event Horizon, catching Leblanc by chance. There is a Primordial Burst of light, and all of a sudden, a second Leblanc appears. They run away from us. “Jericho, finish them off!” “Beatrice, go!” The crow comes out of nowhere. I sigh – don’t they ever learn? Another crow, another mushroom. But then I feel talons clawing at my feet. “Nevermove!” Suddenly, he contorts, and his figure undergoes a horrific change. A demonic crow stands before us. “I bet you taste like chicken.” He cackles. Just as he was about to attack, there was a sudden cry from behind. “Demacia!!” In a golden blaze, Swain was suddenly engaged in a melee for the death, desperately evading Garen’s whirling blade. This is my chance to help. “Up we go! Hugeify! Tremendo!” Swain is knocked back, and a great sword falls from the sky. “Justice!” All I can do is watch as my mana regenerates. Still, I didn’t see where Swain went. When the dust cleared, all that was left were several black feathers on the ground. The Black Rose retreats and I am the most evil being in all of Runeterra. I cackle. Sona had been saved by now, and was recovering. Turns out Swain loved her concert so much he wanted her all to himself. What a pathetic kidnapping! I could’ve done better. “Hey Veigar, you did good.” Garen smiles at me. Hmph. As if I want his approval. As I scoff and teleport away, I can’t help but think about what’s happened today. Noxians being bad, me being evil, Demacians saving the day again, and Lulu… Just an ordinary day in Runeterra I guess.
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