The Untouchables: The daily grind of an off-meta champ

**Act I** Welcome to the dark, shadowy back rooms of the Summoners Rift lounge. While most of the champions live their life in the public eye, here, you will find all of the heroes who have fallen out of favour. Whether we lack the abilities (or the curves) to remain in the public's hearts and minds it's hard to say. What I can tell you, however, is that it's pretty boring at the bottom. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Yorick were to fuse with the furniture with how much he gets out. These days, I'd go so far to say that watching the clock count down is the most interesting part of my day. I'm always watching, never doing. In fact, you could almost say that's what I was born to do and definitely the reason I ended up in this sorry state. Perhaps it would help if I introduced myself more formally, I am Galio, the so called "Sentinel of Sorrow". ..... Long ago, my master and creator, Durand, gave me life to watch over him and for a time, I did. He was a man of great purpose and although I was his servant, it was more an adventure then a chore to be by his side. Inevitably, as all good things come to an end, my sullen eyes were forced to bear witness to his unfortunate death at the hands of Noxian assassins. Like the gargoyle I am, I stood resolute over his corpse as the flesh began to rot and wither away. I was there when his bones were buried by the passing of the seasons and as time grew on almost every trace of him was erased from existence. The years passed and I would often find myself deep in thought, pondering the meaning of life, the world and my place within it. As you can imagine, there aren't too many places you would find a living gargoyle, let alone one of my size. As I pondered, however, the most amazing of creatures paused to rest in my weary shadow. There was a warmth and sense of purpose that far outgrew the size of something so small in stature. Memories, long forgotten, stirred and feelings that I believed I would never know again began to surface. The creature departed and, as if to give me a parting gift, glanced in my direction. I could see the weight that it carried on its young shoulders as it set off with a look of determination strewn across childlike features. It set my heart alight and blew life back in to my bones. ..... Which leads me back to where we are now, those feelings that I was so amazed to have felt again, by Durand I wish I never had! Not long after that sudden jolt of inspiration I made my way to back to civilization where I was welcomed with a new purpose, to join the rift. Masters from another world would summon great heroes and powerful villains from across Runeterra to challenge each other in glorious battle. It was both exciting and rewarding. New opportunities and riches were bestowed upon me and, for a time, I was happy. I had finally broken out of my shell and vowed that I would do, not watch! I was deluded. The hype wore off and the time between my summonings grew longer. Each and every day I would stand idle with all the other candidates waiting for the call. The number of heroes, which started so small, had grown so much. There's 131 of us on the roster now. All vying for 10 sacred spots! It feels like a new guy enrolls every second week. Why don't they assist me or the other guys that have fallen behind before they bring on the new flavour of the month. Let me try out some new abilities for a change instead of trying to appease the fickle crowd with a shiny, new bauble... To Noxus with them all, they're worse than a Yordle with a trap. Perhaps I'm my own worst enemy and I'm forever destined to be the "sentinel of sorrow". Why help those who don't help themselves. I hide in these back rooms far too often while the popular guys are always searching for a crowd by wearing all sorts of wacky (or revealing) costumes to keep them happy (or aroused...). I joined them for a bit, all dolled up in my white tuxedo but these days I don't try much anymore. The next chance I get, I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and take my opportunity. I can almost taste it I want it so bad. It will be my day soon and I must make it last. **Act II** It's been some months since we last spoke. I'm not going to lie, I had almost given up but I'm here at last, summoned to the foot of my Nexus. The chance to shine has come and, I assure you, I will stand by my words. I will make this day last and I will remind all those that witness it just who Galio is. With my Nexus now behind me I head as fast as my wings can take me to the outer defensive turrets. The river runs to my right, surrounded by dense jungle. Soon, it will be inhabited by all manner of foul beast but for now, its eerily quiet. This is the calm before the storm. Just moments ago this place was empty and desolate but our arrival has started a chain of events that can only end when someone emerges victorious. This place is not a part of the natural world. It is a construct. A grand stage for champions to prove their strength. Friend and foe alike fighting to dominate and destroy each other. The premise is simple. Five versus five. Destroy the enemies Nexus. A slight breeze wafts through the nearby brush and alerts my senses as a shadowy form begins to take shape in the distance. This will be my opponent. It is a man of hulking stature, clad in red and grasping an hoop as a weapon. Darius! Is he taking me seriously or is this a joke to him? I'm really going to make him pay now. Our previous battles have erred towards his favour but this is just insulting. Minions have spawned. It is time to wipe that smug look off his face and give this guy a time out. ..... We've been at each other for a while now. Minor advantages open up but neither of us can take the opportunities. Countless minions have fallen around me but I've paid them back with interest. The cobwebs are well and truly blown out and all my ability is at my disposal. All I need to do now is bait the trap. Come closer Darius. I'm a wounded little lamb. He falls for it. The basketball hoop launches at me like a great big hook trying to pull me in his direction. Immediately I bring my gaze on him to slow his rabid movements. I engage with all my might, bringing the full force of my form to bear. I have the early advantage but the Noxian filth is strong. Growing up in that warmongering land has certainly had an effect. In different circumstances I might have felt pity for my enemy but all I can see today is the blades of those Noxian assassins plunging deep into my masters chest. I absorb blow after blow, channeling my rage deep into my soul. My limit is reached as I burst forth reversing the absorbed damage. In an instant the smug grin turns to a nervous smirk. The surrounding minions have all been flattened and Darius stands alone, battered and bruised. Fear creeps in to his eyes as he turns to run. I send a gust of wind after him and ride the draft to plant a fist square to the back of his head. He drops like a real stone gargoyle. He will need to be revived before he can try to take me on again. I am the unstoppable force and he has been moved. **Epilogue** After a hard fought battle the enemies Nexus was reduced to rubble. Despite this, the days following my victory weren't all that different from the days before. I'm still not a household name, the ladies don't want to date me and the guys don't want to be me. I'm not sure when I will get the call again but I hope like hell its more frequent. I mostly ignored as I walk the local streets but today at least a head turned and a wish for luck was yelled in my general direction. I may not be where I want yet but I'll change my fortune one heart at a time. **Word Count: 1485**
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