The day when all staretd!!

Once upon a time in an unknown universe, far away from here, people were celebrating THE LUNAR REVEL. People around the world came at that night to celebrate a very beautiful event that happens one in a year. It didn't matter that they were rivals, on that party everyone had a good behavior and a good time with other people. Jinx, one of the party members took a megaphone and started the party. Then Vayne came and said: "Wow, Jinx we have a wonderful parade and a fireworks display thanks to you!" "No I couldn't do it without you!" When the party started even the biggest rivals shook hands and started singing or dancing. Corki for example started crying because of those beautiful moments that he had with Vayne and Jinx. "I love you all, and i hope we won't be rivals anymore", Corki said. "Corki, we all now that we can build together a world were we can all be a family but our nations just don't like each other. "I know Vayne but, I really hope when all of this end to be like this for eternity, what do you think Jinx?" "Mhm... I don't care, let's just start shooting!" When Jinx said that everyone started shooting with fireworks in the night sky and all of the people there enjoyed their time at the party. Later that night, everyone got bored so, Jinx thought about something: "Hey, people are you listening to me?" "YES!" "Okay! What if we organize a race to see who is the best, and the winner has to decide the faith of all nations, DO YOU WANT THIS?" "YES!" And that's how the party, or to be more accurate the FESTIVAL started. ~CHAPTER 1~ THE RACE HAS STARTED After some time THE RULES OF THE RACE were made by Vayne, Corki and Jinx. "Okay, listen, I know a lot of people know me but, for the ones who don't, my name is Jinx! There are some rules that you must be aware of if you don't want to be disqualified. So the FIRST rule is **_YOU CAN'T KILL ANYONE_** and the SECOND rule is **_TO HAVE FUN !_** if you are not aware of these rules you will be disqualified." The race stared and Corki is hoping that a man with a good heart will unite all the nations. "THE FIRST TO COMPLETE ALL THE DRILLS AND COME BACK WILL WIN!" Jinx said. After some hours it was almost the end of THE LUNAR REVEL one girl with a boar named Bristle crossed the finish line. "GOOD JOB!" said Corki "THANK YOU, It was a really funny race I hope I will get to participate to it next year! Hehe!" "What's your name" asked Jinx "My name is Sejuani!" "So, we have a winner here, let's hear what does she want to do with the nations!!" "First of all, I had so much fun with you and I wish I will also participate in the next years's race and for the ones who doesn't know my name is Sejuani! So, as the winner of this race i will unite all the nations and I will make this world a better place!" ~CHAPTER 2~ A NEW ERA OF THE NATIONS When the festival was at the end Sejuani spoke with Corki about how she will unite all the nations "Hello, I am Corki!" "Nice to meet you, Corki!" "I am very grateful that u thought about uniting all the nations but, how will you do that?" "THE LUNAR REVEL will be a festival that will includes all the nations's idea and will help people remember about this day. I don't want any of their traditions to go away because they will start another war. I just united them to be a better world and to be more peaceful than now. So, with that being said i will reorganize the peace of this world." "Wow, that's amazing! I hope you will succeed !" **_THE END!!_**

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