The Chaos Freedom Brings

_"For the Lunar Revel Contest. I know I want this to be a good shot as my first entry into one of these contests, but beyond that I'm a little lost. I apologise in advance if it isn't exactly astounding, and hope you enjoy!" -Saruhiko_ **The Chaos Freedom Brings** It annoyed him. The annual Lunar festivals were so full of people who took for granted everything laid bare before them, whether it be the seemingly endless roasted foods or the countless activities and attractions that took attention away from the darker corners of the festival grounds. It was those dark corners that he would always observe from with longing; not longing to join the celebrations, of course, but rather a longing to tear it all apart. It was those dark corners that his presence could occasionally be felt by a chill creeping up one's spine despite the countless tall braziers, followed by an uncomfortable churning of the stomach. It was those dark corners that Sylas lurked, doing his best to release himself from his bindings and bring havoc down upon the mortals who pranced about with smiles beaming from their faces, feeling the desire to bring the mortals to their knees grow stronger with every passing year, and imagining every single possible method he could to bring about the end of the festivities forever the moment he was freed. Each year wasn't without its fruits for him, though. His subjects Caitlyn and Morgana would walk freely among the mortals: Morgana seducing the mortals and leading them into places void of other attention to extricate their souls from their useless bodies, while Caitlyn slowly sowed seeds of discord into the minds and hearts of those she talked to, disrupting the festival's cheeriness for plenty. But tonight, the first night since his freedom mere hours before the festival had started, was the night Sylas was going to make sure that he reduced this pitiful event to rubble. Tonight, his tedious waiting would finally pay off. His plan was simplistic enough. Let Morgana bring forth as much attention as she could to her, have Caitlyn coerce others into joining the crowd Morgana formed, and give approximately twelve seconds leeway for him to make his arrival, before letting carnage ensue. Currently the crowd had flocked around Morgana as she pushed her charm to the limits of its capabilities, with what appeared to be a group of rather annoyed people following being Caitlyn as she led them to the rest of the performers. What intrigued Sylas the most however were the three individuals standing outside of the crowd, one looking visibly angry and stomping their feet upon the ground beneath them while another laughed maniacally at whatever was happening. He pushed forth into a dark area closer to the trio, aiming to observe more of their strange behaviour before their final moments. "I thought _I_ was the one who was supposed to be gawked at, not some random woman I've never seen before!" The angry woman seemed to be calming down a little, with far less stomping. The cackling girl however showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. "You think people'd gawk at you like that? What a _RIOT_! You and your walking pork just aren't a common sight, that's _all_ it was!" She paused, letting the smile on her face drop and adopting a serious air. "It's almost like you're..." She leaned in close to the angry woman's ear, and Sylas had to strain to hear the next words: " attention pig." With that attempt at humour the girl fell to the ground laughing and snorting, seeming far more pig-like to Sylas than the other two women. The third woman, who had a golden pig strapped to her right wrist, shook her head and adopted a nonchalant air. "Get up, Jinx. This isn't something that happens just out of thin air, nor attracts this much attention." This third woman carried with her an aura of superiority and vigilance. "Ahh, lighten up Vayne! Just because _you_ see evil in everything doesn't mean it's _always_ true", the girl, Jinx, chirped cheerfully. "Besides, Sejuani's pig would make for _fantastic_ roasting, and would bring much more attention as _pork_!" Sylas pulled away from the scene, feeling no need to take any extra measures, and started preparing for his arrival in the center of the crowd. He felt the power that had been kept from him writhing and surging within his body, aching to be released, screaming for blood. He let the power flow forth, just a little, and appeared right in front of Morgana, a slight shockwave emanating from his body. The shockwave only sent a couple mortals stumbling backwards a little, but it certainly unnerved the crowd. Sylas walked up to the closest bystander and fired a punch straight into their face, smiling at the satisfying feeling of their skull cracking beneath his touch. The mortal sailed backwards, knocking over three others, and didn't get up. With that, Sylas let his power flood his chains and spun in a wide circle, ripping through most of the crowd almost instantly. The energy was so volatile it charred the bodies of the mortals it touched, leaving very little blood to ruin his attire. The remaining crowd were screaming, wailing like pigs, begging to be spared. But beyond them Sylas spied the three women from earlier, Jinx, Sejuani and Vayne, all pulling out weapons of different kinds with their eyes focused upon him. Jinx pulled out multiple golden rocket-like contraptions, Sejuani whirled a whip above her head, and Vayne held up her right arm so that the pig strapped to her had its mouth pointed directly at Sylas. Morgana and Caitlyn stood behind both Jinx and Sejuani, prepared to strike as soon as the order was given. Normally Sylas would have enjoyed a fight, no matter how easy it would have been won. But this night wasn't about a quick exercise for him. It was his night of freedom, his night to rampage to his heart's content. With a nod from Sylas, Caitlyn took aim with her rifle and blasted the frail body of Jinx, who died before she hit the ground, shock written on her face. At the same time Morgana brandished her sharpened nails and slashed Sejuani, letting energy pulse outwards from her nails and ripping Sejuani's back open. Sejuani then tried getting up, before energised nails pierced her back again, killing her effectively. At that moment Sylas rushed upon Vayne, aiming to end the confrontation, but she rolled out of his path, blasting Morgana as she stood back up. Sylas watched as Morgana's burning body flew away from Sejuani's corpse, to land twitching a few meters away, before going still. The fires upon Morgana continued to burn, and he came to the conclusion that this petty mortal had actually killed a Wraith. Without a second thought Sylas lunged for Vayne, landing a blow that sent her hurtling into a nearby building with a sickening series of cracks. She somehow managed to stay on her feet, despite swaying and coughing up blood, and took aim again, this time at Sylas himself. He dodged to the side, spun around as he swung his chains upwards, and then brought the chains crashing down upon Vayne's head, sending her crumpling to the ground in a broken heap. She didn't move after that. "Caitlyn." His remaining Wraith looked towards him with her full attention. "Pinpoint the locations of the remaining mortal filth. We've wasted enough time killing these three." "But Lord.... What will we do about Morgana?" Sylas turned to stare into the eyes of Caitlyn, before pointing a talon-tipped finger at the body of Vayne. "We'll use her. She has more use for us than our previous Wraith." Caitlyn nodded and laid a hand upon Vayne, before transporting her to the brooding grounds of the Wraith Wyrms. With that Caitlyn leapt to the nearest rooftop and took sight with her rifle's scope. She indicated using her fingers that she spotted three and a smile returned to Sylas's face. He did so love killing the mortal pigs.

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