Skins Story Slam: Voting is now live! _EDIT: Voting has closed and the [winners can be found here](!_ Hail writers (and readers this time 'round)! The [Skins Story Slam]( finalists are up! We had an insane amount of awesome entries to sort through—from a galavanting Gromp ride across Runeterra (on a Tuesday) to a little Yordle playing with his toys, a glitzy red carpet event for legendary champs (+ Draven) to an ancient dragon, bored by an onslaught of underwhelming assailants—phew! The judges were really spoilt for choice, and had a hard time narrowing it down to so few. But as much as we wanted to include all of your rich stories (did I mention the one where Ekko and Darius punched on in the school gym? Or the alternate timeline where Garen lived in regret after abandoning Demacia? Or the–okay, okay, I'll stop) the final 10 have been chosen and can be found below. Thanks to all who entered, and for those who didn't get picked as a finalist—don't be disheartened! This is totally subjective! While we tried to have as much variety as possible (and we would have loved to fit in more) the fact that your entry isn't in here doesn't speak to the quality of the piece so please, keep writing! Without further ado, it's up to you to decide which story is your favourite. You can only choose one, so get busy readin' the stories linked below and then get busy votin'! *** **STORY SLAM FINALISTS: ** [Shadow and Fire]( by zookie [Four]( by Jason [Dragon Slayer]( by Metablue [The Moon Rises]( by Bahnshii [Stronger Than Steel]( by MeloDD [Squee-pop! (Previously: Untitled)]( by meenoomeenoo [Noble Ionia (Previously: Untitled)]( by Caedite Eos [TRACE 1: REBIRTH]( by DreamlessDays [The Baker and the King]( by Buttercup [The Dreadstar]( by Saben *** **HOW TO VOTE:** 1. Read all the stories linked in the list above 2. Decide which story you like the best 3. Be really sure that you like said story the best 4. Vote for ONE STORY ONLY in the poll below (FYI: you will need to be signed in to vote) 5. ~~Instantly regret your vote and try to vote again because they're all so excellent and-~~ Feel incredibly satisfied with your vote and your life choices. You are a great person, and you should let yourself know this more often. _Voting closes April 26, 23:59 AEST._ Choose wisely and write on! -The Hanshmear
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