Snowdown Contest Entry : Have a blast!

BANG! BANG! BANG! Vi woke up to a hurried knocking on her front door. Muttering, she descends the stairs to open the door to her pink puffy cheeked elderly neighbor; Mrs. Rowdy. The elderly woman was heavily covered with all kinds of woven clothes to keep her warm, a small white bun resting on the top of her head, eyes resting behind a huge pair of glasses, and hands that never stop knitting. “Good mor- Oh heavens, are you still sleeping? I was-“ “It’s that cat again?’ said sleepy voiced Vi. “Oh yes that naughty boy keeps troubling us am afraid.” “No problem (yaaaawn) Mrs. Rowdy. I will get dressed and (yawn) come.” Stepping outside with a coat on, she caught the very first rush of cold air shooting up her nose that a strong sneeze manages to escape. Zombie walking, She reached her elderly neighbor standing by the tall tree in her front yard calling out for her loved cat. _This damn cat always going up that tree_, Vi thought, _I swear that cat enjoys this stupid chase game. I will catch you little mocking Cheshire cat._ Vi climbing up the tree, she could hear the mocks coming out of that Cheshire cat up there. Slowly reaching for a higher branch, the cat beamed at her with cautious eyes once more then fled down the tree in a panic move, unbalancing her to fall on the ground. “Oh dear! Are you ok pumpkin? Thank god you were on a low branch or you would’ve caught a serious injury.” Said the old lady petting her cat who kept purring victoriously at Vi. _Yeah laugh you crazy feline_. Thought Vi “Let’s get u inside for a hot coco, shall we?” With a heavy sigh vi patted the snow off her and followed her giggling neighbor. Inside, “That was quite a fall.” Giggled the old lady. Chuckling “yeah I guess. Troublesome cat” “Yeah, reminds me of her all the time. She is certainly a lively one.” continued the old lady. “Always laughing. Oh, remember last year when she dressed as an elf and-“ “Don’t remind me…she almost set Santa on fire!” “Hehehe yeah, but Braum is a strong fella, he was fine and laughed it off.” “But, it was better than dying her hair red with the glitter outfit …yuck” “Hehehe she was dashing indeed.” Giggling more. “Oh and when she met that kid Ziggs…orange hair? Future theme? She kept hanging out with that old Japanese man for months” “Oh she is a bold dreamer indeed.” “Hehe, well you know Yasuo can handle them.” “I know, but…” “Oh shush already. It’s good she found someone to share her interests with. You know how hard it is to get along with the others.” “It’s wrong to-“ “They are hardly harmless. Oh honey every kid has his own time to shine. Don’t you remember yours?” grinned the old lady. “Please don’t.” “And you were sticking to that handsome fella….Jesse?” “Jayce” “Oh right. Always playing together.” “Getting funky ideas here Mrs. Rowdy.” said Vi rolling her eyes. “Oh dearie, u need to look out for yourself too.” “Please stop. We were only and still are friends." “If you could just give the poor fellow a chance-" “I really must go, I have, err, other stuff to take care of and find what that kid is up to, haven’t seen her for a while.” “Alright take care, honey and Merry Christmas!” Finally free from Mrs. Rowdy’s traps, Vi headed back briskly to her sanctuary. After stuffing her face, she headed for the living room to chill. Maybe catch some good sleep. She glanced at the brightly decorated tree with neatly wrapped gifts nesting at the bottom, and fell right back at distant memory. “It’s not that bad” a younger Vi said. “Ugh this is so boring …” leaving her poorly decorated gift and dived back into her drawings with a huge grin accompanied with small fits of giggles. “What did you wish for this year?” Curiously Vi asked. “You know Santa isn’t real” smirking while not breaking eye contact with the paper. “How would u know?” Vi replied. “There is no way a fat belly like his would fit any chimney.” Vi chuckled. “Kids!! Hurry up. There is no more time to waste or you will miss the fireworks.” Yelled their teacher. “Uuuuugggh…so boring. Are you sure we won’t miss it?” “I promise we won’t. And what do u want gift wrapping to be like?” “It starts with a ticking … Tick” Tick. .Tick…Tick…Tick… Vi waking up startled by a strange ticking coming out of a bright blue gift sitting underneath the tree. Suddenly the top flew open and a recorded voice said “MERRY CHRISTMAS .HAVE A BLAST!” With a loud BOOM, flying colorful paper spewed everywhere all around vi covering the whole place. “JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINX!!!!!!” shouted Vi. She could hear her laugh while thudding down the stairs swiftly. “So funny.” Wiping her tears, she said. ”Look at your face!” “Isn’t it a little early for gift opening?” Vi asked. “I guess I didn’t want you to miss the big event.” grinning mischievously. “Omg, what did you do?” “Just come already, it’s almost midnight. You promised. Remember?” Caught off guard, VI stopped in her tracks staring back at jinx. _I guess she remembers too_. Chuckling to herself. Out of the blue a house after another would explode with flyers of bright colors shooting out of chimneys from all over the neighborhood, sending jinx in fits of uncontrolled laughter and a face palmed Vi…. Like any other Christmas for jinx, it had to be a blast at midnight! Next morning, _Vi woke up admiring the way the snowflakes spiraled to the ground covering it white as far as the eyes could see. A smile crept up her face as she admired the breathtaking view, with a small neatly wrapped gift rested in her palm. “Keep it smashing – Jayce”_ End. Hello Everyone. It was really challenging to write such a short story. I always dive to a much longer versions. I don't post much on the boards because of my shy nature. Hope you enjoy. Thank you. Happy Holidays, Have a blast! :")

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