Skins Story Slam: FanFiction Contest _EDIT: Voting has closed and the [winners can be found here](!_ Hail writers! To celebrate the release of the [new Dragonslayer skins](, we're launching the Skins Story Slam! We challenge you to draw on your favourite skins and write an original piece that captures the essence of that universe. Whether it be the magical world of Star Guardians, the dark fantasy of Dragonslayers or a mashup of multiple worlds, the gauntlet has been thrown; it's now up to you to grab your writing weapon of choice and strut your stuff. **The Prompt: ** Something is amiss... **Prizing: ** 1st: 8,000 RP + 1 x Dragonslayer skin of your choice + your story featured in the client 2nd: 6,000 RP + your story featured in the client 3rd: 4,000 RP + your story featured in the client 4th: 2,500 RP 5th: 1,500 RP **Contest Rules: ** - Your submission must be no longer than 1,500 words. There is no minimum requirement on word count; if you can tell a compelling story in a haiku, then all power to you. - One entry per person. A single change can drastically alter the course of a story, but we want the best version and your gut-instinct. If you’re caught at a crossroads, post your work in progress piece in our [new Workshop section]( of the boards and ask for help! - Your submission must be in English. The contest will be using the primary language of the region. - Entry must be within League's boundary of restriction. League is rated M, so there is some wiggle room, but the best way to avoid nullifying your submission is this: if you think something is going too far, then it has probably already gone too far. - Must be made by you, submitted by you, and made for this contest. This is about us celebrating you and your incredible ability for this contest. - Final submissions must be submitted [through Woobox]( This process will be detailed further down. This does mean that you must have an Oceanic League of Legends account to claim your prize. **Grading Rubric and Voting: ** Judging art is always a subjective and tricky business, so we’re getting a bit of help. This contest will have two stages. The first stage will be us collecting the entries and grading them on the Rubric explained below. From there, we’ll create a shortlist of ten stories and announce them on the boards. The Community will then be called on to vote on these to determine the final five winners. The Rubric is explained and ordered below in a weighted fashion. Creativity being the most important and grammar being the least important to grading (but still important to your writing). - Creativity: The most important of the Rubric and the hardest to quantify. In short, how did you best leave your fingerprint on the essence of League of Legends and its Skins Universe? - Prompt: Complement or dismantle the given prompt in whichever way you fancy. It’s there to serve as a kicking off point, so use it as heavily or as subtly as you like. - League of Legends Elements: This is a League Skins FanFiction contest! The more elements from the game or lore (twisted or canon) the better! - Grammar: No one is perfect, we know that. And we also know that a single spelling mistake shouldn’t detract from a great story, but we need to be able to understand and get through your story without confusion. **How to Submit: ** Stories can be submitted [here via Woobox]( in either .doc, .docx or .pdf format. As this is a community comp, we still want you to be able to share your stories with each other, because that's more fun, right? That's why you can post your story in [the new Workshop section]( of the boards, a place where you can get community feedback on how your story reads, whether certain parts work or not, or even just show your writing prowess off to your pals. It goes both ways though, so be sure to help someone else with theirs too! Keep in mind, uploading your story to [the Workshop]( does not count as submitting your story, **make sure you** [**upload it to Woobox**](! **Contest Dates: ** The Skins Story Slam will be open from March 10th - March 30th. The shortlist will be revealed April 19th and the community will have one week to place their votes. Winners will then be announced April 27th! To kick things off I've posted my own attempt at a Skins story on [the Workshop here.]( It’s set in the Dragonslayer universe, but it’s a bit rough around the edges at the moment. If you have any feedback on how I can improve it, please let me know! GL;HF all, and we look forward to reading whatever cooks up inside those brilliant minds! -The Hanshmear
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