Lunar Revel Fanfiction

Vayne tied her hair up, put on her signature glasses and examined herself in the mirror. Smiling at the small pigs that danced around her room. She adorned a new piece of jewelry in her hair, it was shaped like a moon. She had picked it only days before now and thought it fit her outfit well. She wore a gold chest piece, a tailed skirt and a detailed corset. All gold and red, matching the lucky colours she knew everyone else would also be wearing. With one final look, she turned on her heel and made her way out of the room, grabbing her envelope on the way out. She shut the door behind her and locked it. Before promptly making her way out of the inn, she and Sejuani were staying in the same room. Sejuani, of course being slightly more organised had already made her way down to the festival. Pigs littered the cobblestones, their loud grumbling almost covering the sound of Vaynes heels hitting the path. Fireworks exploded into the air, the smell of dumplings and other lunar snacks reaching her nose as she got closer to the festival. The year of the pig would be memorable, she could tell already. As she reached the entrance, she caught Sejuani's extremely large pig out of the corner of her eye, before scanning the crowd and seeing the girl herself. She waved, grabbing Sejs attention. Sejuani waved her over and she complied, walking to the small dumpling stand they were in front of. Tahm Kench sat behind the stand, cooking away. He seemed to have more orders then he could handle. Sejuani already had a plate of ingot shaped 'lucky' dumplings. They smelled incredible. Vayne took a seat next to Sejuani and placed her things onto her lap. Nicking a dumpling from her friends plate. It tasted even better then it smelt. Vayne went to grab another one but her hand was slapped away by Sejuani. Who was chewing a mouthful of dumplings but eyebrows still creased in anger. Sejuani nudged her on the shoulder light heatedly before finishing her mouthful and laughing. "Now stop eating my dumplings, I paid for these you know" She said sternly, waggling her finger in Vaynes direction. Vayne laughed back and kept her hands to herself, considering what she would buy. Maybe some spring rolls? A medium sized pig, waddles up to their table and snorted loudly before rolling over and wiggling around in the mud. She laughed and leaned over to rub its belly. Tucking her things underneath her arm. The pig shot up and nabbed her envelope the moment she got close, what an acrobat! She sat there, mouth agape as it ran off with her money and envelope in its mouth. Sejuani stood and looked over the table at her friend now knelt on the floor, eyes bulging and mouth still sitting open. "That pig just took my stuff!" Tahm Kench chortled behind his stand, having overheard heard Vayne. Before plopping a miss-shaped dumpling into his mouth and getting back to work. Sejuani got up and climbed onto her pig, before looking at Vayne for confirmation. Vayne really wanted her envelope back, she gulped before nodding and taking chase after the medium sized gymnast pig. Oh this night would be memorable... memorable indeed....

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