League Readers and Writers Club - All welcome!

Heyo, people who see this! _Enjoyed reading the contest entries? Impressed by any in particular? Are you looking for more stories to sink your teeth into?_ _Or did you enjoy constructing your own entry? Would you appreciate other like-minded writers giving you feedback (doesn't have to be league related!), maybe revealing areas for you to improve?_ http://imgur.com/iHhMb5f I've started a club for readers and writers alike, with the intention of assembling a group of people who are collectively appreciative of both League and Fiction. To join, if you're not a friend of someone who is a member, send me (that's '_adcstolemyas**5**ist_') a friend request, and once I accept it, I'll send you an invite. Afterward, there's no obligation for you to keep a casual, unranked scrub like me on your friends list, but it is appreciated** (ɔ˘з˘)ɔ**. Membership is NOT limited to contest participants; everyone who wants to take part, including any of your friends, is more than welcome! ~~unless you a filthy Riven main who types 'first time go ez plz', then flashes your mastery emote over my ADC's corpse.~~
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