Odyssey Rhaast Story [Dark Star Crossover]

Deep into nothingness, inaccessible by light, formed a creature of pure darkness. Born from an antistar, a twisted form thrust through the layers of reality. _It_ was one of many. _It_ opened its eyes. _It_ was Rhaast. Although eons older than the stars themselves, Rhaast was considered young and inexperienced among his brethren. Never questioning, Rhaast followed the will of the elders, Cho’Gath, Kha’Zix, Thresh. Nicknamed by his siblings _‘Rhaast the Runt’_, he unleashed his anger in waves of inconceivable horror, crushing planets, solar systems and galaxies alike. But as all-powerful as they were, Rhaast and his brethren were not the most powerful in the multiverse. In the face of the pure power of the Star Forger, they were as small as insects, and there was no realm and no dimension where he did not exist. On occasion, Rhaast would leave survivors of a race, and watch them nurture their civilization from the brink of extinction, before destroying them for their insolence. It was from one of these surviving civilizations that the tale of the Darkin was born. Their legend a twisted mockery of their true magnificence, butchering their beauty into words of savagery, the mortals could not conceive the existence of what is greater than they. Known as Targoxians, the mortal civilization vowed to end the existence of the all-powerful beings, unknowingly dwelling in magic far greater than their minds could perceive. It was this magic of pure light that brought the attention of the Star Forger himself. Never before had he seen a race of mortals achieve this mastery of magic by themselves, and awarded them with the blessing of the Stars. The Star Forger was not the only one drawn to the pillar of magic. Drawn like a moth to the flame, Rhaast sought to silence this power that pierced the dark of the universe surrounding him. Approaching their world, Rhaast was drawn into a trap. Using the power of the light, the Targoxians forced the beauty of his being into the ugliness of a mortal scythe, banishing him to an untouched, barren realm where life had not yet blossomed. This act of weakness sparked the revolution of countless races, endangering Rhaast's brethren and forcing them to hide from the piercing light that threatened to imprison. As eons passed by without influence or practice, Rhaast’s powers waned to the point where his presence was barely noticeable. Subtly influencing the minds of new mortal races in his realm, Rhaast longs for the day where he sheds his crude form and once again rules the countless realms and realities with his brethren, bringing all mortals to their knees. [I thought of the relations/crossover with the Dark Star skins from the interactions that the Odyssey Kayn skin has when seeing Dark Star skins. :)]
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