Arclight Dims 2018 SSS

Arclight Dims Once each Millennium an ancient, godlike entity descends from the heavens, choosing worthy warriors to be his incarnate. These beings are the Arclight-Immortal agents of the light divine. Youlytn was a powerful nation of wealth and limitless resources, the capital sat on a hill rising over the nation, the buildings were marbled white, everything gleamed as if even the buildings were pure. Farms stretched for miles, so much people had thought it crossed even beyond the horizon. Every day Youlytn were met with clear skies and blessed with heavenly light. Standing in the centre of the capital was the Sanctum. All the Arclight had gathered bickering amongst each other. Quarrels echoed through the corridors, suffocating the halls for what had seemed like days yet had already been weeks. A mission was tasked that one of the Arclight enforce must will of divine and bring peace across the continent. Yorick slouched on his throne, it would gleam of gold and rubies if he had let the sunshine through the stained glass, obstructed by long draping curtains. In front were his fellow Arclight jousting words, Keus, Ysilos, Varus, Aatrox, Syndra, all Arclight beings surrounding a sizable round marble table enforced with gold framing, furthermore two seats remained empty. Yorick sat almost lifeless as his eyes gazed into his crown, one hand assisting his head as it rested on the throne arm, it sat in front of him on a pedestal, tempting him. Arclight, beings of power and transcendence, chosen by the gods, yet they bicker like hounds fighting over scrap meat, he thought to himself. Yet he wouldn’t give himself the strength to do anything. “You have done nothing but boast on the past, you live for nothing but the reminiscence” Keus accused, as his hands slammed onto the marble table, his draping robes devouring his body with nothing but his face and hands exposed. “I live for the past for what I have done was noble and priceless, what you have done? You did nothing but read books and pray for a mortal life” Aatrox retaliated with pride and self-esteem “You do not know true pride” “All you talk of is war, your martial prowess has done you nothing” Syndra hissed “You underestimate the power of knowledge, Aatrox, you are almost comparable to a buffoon” Aatrox’s fists clenched his hands, ready to strike at the next mockery of his power. Pride overwhelmed him. Pride overwhelmed them all. They were gods, but children. His clenched fists caught the attention of Syndra, she smirked and raised her hand ready in defence. The Arclight was powerful but the Justicar was a title given to Arclight only with prodigal achievements such as Aatrox and Syndra. Ysilos snickered “You guys do realise this is a suicide mission right?” She was the youngest of the Arclight only being 2 centuries old, she did not look the part of an Arclight; she wore green leatherwear with a silver crown with two long horns coming out the front. “Enough!” Varus exclaimed “This bickering has done us no good for the last few days” The Arclight looked at Varus, Aatrox’s fists unclenched as he slowly put himself back into his seat, the seat. Ysilos glanced around the room, for the first time in days the Sanctum was silent. Death was what they wanted, yet little did they realise, not for the pride or noble mission, but their selfish yearn for a worthy death, they were Arclight after all. Bound by pride, unwilling to admit to a craving for death, unwilling to admit to themselves. Yorick stood up and gently picked up his crown with both hands, his touch was fragile. He staggered out of the Sanctum with all the care he could muster. With little patience left Varus stood up “I will deal with this myself” Yorick stood out onto the open balcony of the Sanctum, he overlooked his vast city as it soaked in the afternoon warmth. Murmur grew amongst the crowd as Yorick emerged the first time in several years, often it was to stand out to give speeches or set out for a mission. However, Yorick had no intent for that, he simply came out to escape the dark confines of the Sanctum to bathe in the warmth of the sunlight amongst his people. He held his crown in his hands, reluctantly placed the crown on his head, holding his eyes clothes, a voice echoed around him. “It has been too long Yorick” it whispered “You have abandoned your cause” it resembled a familiar voice, Yorick resisted the tears “Have I not done enough?” Yorick replied “Have I not served you long enough? Has 7 millennium not satisfied you?!” “Immortality is a blessing Yorick” “This endless life in an endless torture” Yorick corrected “Mortals should not have been given this power, Vel’coz, it did not grant my power, it cursed me” he rose his hands, palms facing his eyes. They were as pale as the marble tables. Gazing into his hands as they trembled like earthquakes. “You are tired Yorick” It whispered “But her soul is not” Yorick clenched his fists and he fell to his knees, disappearing from the citizens observing Yorick “Why…” Yorick said, “WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME?!” Yorick proceeded, his shouts echoed through every wall and across every corner of the city “I only inherit her voice, I force no bidding on you Yorick. You may live an eternity as a crestfallen king, or serve your once distant past” “Your words haunt me… Maiden, one thousand graves have not been enough has it?” Yorick’s voice gave into the Maiden “My love is nothing but a distant memory” Yorick stood up and re-entered the Sanctum Several hours past and the sun had long set, only the streaks of moonlight shone through the stained glass. The roundtable amongst themselves, Aatrox sharpening his blade as if preparing for battle, Syndra and Ysilos talking amongst themselves, Syndra bestowing great knowledge to the young Arclight, whilst Keus sat praying, as usual, they were awaiting orders, afraid to make the judgement of what to do next. The entrance creaks open and the Arclight all shift their heads see them return of Varus only after several hours. Varus struggled through the large gate, a large sack, he slumps the sack then revealing a body on the marble table. Aatrox shoots up straight, Ysilos and Keus cover their mouths in horror. A large bellowing body, dressed in golden scratched armour covered with dried blood, lifeless. His body so prodigious, only a certain marble chair could fit him, he was Xeueus, the colossal Arclight. As he laid as the first Arclight to face death. Ysilos screeched “w-what the hell happened to him” “Vayne recently returned to Youlytn with his body” Varus explained, “now if you ‘gods’ had taken this more solemnly, we would NOT be mourning our brethren right now!” Varus said with aggression in his voice “How… I do not understand” Aatrox almost trembling “we fought together in the battle of Eyrans” “This is no PETTY war Justicar, this is far more than the bickering of nations” “It is the corruption…” as Syndra studied the armour, gliding her hands over the sharp scratches of the armour “The void is here…” Keus continued, he clenched his hands together tightly. “The insatiable hunger? Like in the scriptures” Ysilos reluctantly asked “Like in the scriptures…” Syndra repeated For the first time, fear overwhelmed the Arclight, all memories of the past, mattered no more, this was a darkness they have never faced. “There is only one person we can leave this to” The curtains then drew open and blue moonlight devoured the Sanctum, Vayne leaned on the throne, arms crossed as the moonlight shone over her “We leave this to the one who started it all, King Yorick” Yorick reached the outskirts of Youlytn, he had wandered for several hours, the moon had already replaced the Sun, moonlit plains stretched out in front of Yorick. The grass rustled as the wind blew against him, he took one step back and gazed at the shining city he built from his bare hands. The city lights had seemed dimmer than the previous nights, however, Yorick hadn’t noticed. Dressed in robes and golden armour, carrying his once-trusty weapon, Yorick without one more look set out on his journey to enforce the will of the divine, with the haunting voice of a past love. Vowing only to return once his mission had finished. Unaware, Yorick was already he out of time.

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