On the Outskirts of Bandle City

(Hello! I've never written fanfiction for League before but I do enjoy creative writing and this looked like the perfect way to finally get into it with a story following a day in the life of everyones favorite evil gerbil. I had so many ideas and briefly considered trying to condense them into one collection of short stories, but I do enjoy writing longer stories and even though I'm limited to one story, I love the idea of someone as overly dramatic as Veigar having a mildly annoying day. I hope you enjoy!) Bandle City was always a nice place to visit or stay, assuming you were of the Yordle persuasion. Hidden away in Runeterra, it was a bustling haven of smiling, furry faces. Yordles were a close-knit group, an evolutionary trait that had its downsides. Prolonged isolation from their brethren did strange things to a Yordle mind, something none who lived in Bandle City needed reminding of, owing to a certain shack that lay on the outskirts of the city. Not only did this hut look positively uninhabitable, but if one were to venture close, they would hear cackling, high-pitched laughter and less elevated mutters as a tiny, black furred Yordle went about his business within. Every so often, the place would rock softly, evidence of powerful magic being practiced within. Usually, it seemed as though the results were frustrating the owner of the residence. Inside, Veigar rubbed one paw against the large gauntlet he wore on the other wrist at all times. Were anyone stupid enough to approach and ask him why he wore such a garment, he'd take the time to explain that obviously, magic of the caliber he wielded could even be dangerous to someone as incredibly powerful as him. Then he would vaporise the idiot for attempting to engage someone as great as he in conversation. Didn't they know he had better things to do? Truth be told, the gauntlet was there to hide the fact that his time spent wrongfully jailed within a Noxian Prison had taken more than just his relative sanity from him. Indeed, he had endured torture whilst there, and while he'd been freed, a finger or two had stayed behind. Not that anyone would ever find out about this, of course. The last thing the all-powerful master of evil himself needed was pity. Veigar shook himself from his reverie, once again poring over a book he'd... acquired from the local library. A tome so old that the lettering stamped on the cover and spine had all but worn off, so thick that Veigar had struggled just to lug the thing home, to his eternal annoyance. That library, and all the pitiful librarians inside weren't long for this mortal coil, he was sure. As he read, his eyes widened. This book promised phenomenal power to those daring to use it. Not that he needed more power, of course. If he willed it, the entirety of Runeterra would be turned to ash and dust in an instant. He just... needed the right moment, that was all. A knock sounded. Someone at his front door? At a time such as this? Veigar growled, or at least attempted to, sounding more like an irritated kitten than an infuriated wizard of unlimited power, and beckoned, the door opening perhaps a little harder than he'd have liked. That hole in the wall wouldn't fix itself. Standing there was an entirely too bubbly Yordle- Well, not standing per se. Bouncing inside, Lulu looked about, before seeming to finally notice Veigar was even there at all, hunched over a table. Despite the day outside being bright and warm, it was dark and cold inside, a single lamp illuminating his reading material. To Veigars eternal dismay, Lulu opened her mouth and began babbling. "Veigar, there you are! You've done that thing again where you stay indoors and don't come outside for like... ages! I don't have the specifics but Pix and I are really worried about you! Isn't that right, Pix?" From within her hat, a low buzz briefly escalated in pitch, probably meant to be the fairies way of agreeing, or disagreeing. Veigar couldn't tell, and truthfully couldn't care less. He was standing on the brink of power the likes of which nobody had ever seen before, he just knew it. Within this book lay the means to finally become the strongest, most feared mage in Runeterra and right now, the last thing he needed was another visit from this blasted Yordle. Hoping his silence would eventually incense Lulu to make tracks, Veigar once again silently turned the page of his new book. Time had worn away at the ink on each page, but he could still read it well enough to discern some of the spells within. One such passage caught his eye, a little more worn than the rest. An incantation and a description, of which one word was legible- "Obliterate" This time, Veigars smile could be seen from underneath his hat. However, Either Lulu was now yelling from across the room or she'd not taken the hint to get out and had instead wandered over, looking past Veigars shoulder at the tome, speaking again. Veigar only tuned in at the last second, too incensed with imagining what the spell could do. "...All the time! Really useful, trust me. I didn't think this kind of magic was for you, but I guess all my visits are starting to pay off, huh?" What on Valoran was she on about? Curious as he was, he chose not to ask for an explanation. Nothing would infuriate him more than having to listen to her sordid diatribe again, especially with a brand new spell to try out. Wait, had she left? He cast his eyes around the room, looking for the other Yordle. She had indeed left, the door shut behind her. In the back of his mind, shame twinged. Perhaps he'd been a little bit rude? He shook himself. Who cared if Lulu had left? That just left him alone to work on this new spell. Alone. Like he'd been years ago in... He shook himself harder, his hat tilting atop his head. Enough of this reminiscing and worrying! He didn't care what others thought of him. He looked over the incantation once more, images of Valoran cracking under his feet, terrified Humans and Yordles alike on their knees, faces pressed to the ground in the hopes that he didn't select them to be destroyed... The thought brought his devilish little smile right back to his face. Still, he had to test the spell. Without knowing just what the scale of obliteration he could unfold upon the world with it, he was a tad hesitant to utter it. Yet, if it was written, then someone had tested it before and the world was still alive, correct? Of course that mage probably wasn't even close to as powerful as the almighty Veigar, but all in all, he felt it was a risk he could take. If he wrecked his house, he could just take the fortress in the middle of Noxus. Legend had it they hadn't built it anyway, rather than just take it. His eyes lit up as he began to channel magic, the spell rolling off of his tongue. A bright light shone just before his eyes, shimmering and forcing him to look away, eyelids squeezed shut. He finished the incantation and the light pulsed just once, flooding his home with light and shaking the very foundations. Slowly, Veigar opened his eyes, awaiting untold destruction. What he got was... not what he expected. "Where's my Valoran-shattering kaboom?" His house was... untouched. Well, definitely not untouched. It was clean. Months, Years of a refusal to lend himself to something as drearily beneath him as cleaning had left a not so thin veneer of dust upon all surfaces and objects within the house. Or had, as was now the case. Everything was... spotless? This was absolutely not the intended result. He turned back to the book- And his mouth fell open. The book wasn't ancient and faded, it was just filthy. Ink was hidden under layers and layers of now-removed dust, which allowed him to appreciate the book in its entirety. '101 spells for cleaning the most phenomenally evil filth from your home' He'd been tricked! Well, he'd stolen the book, of course, but he'd been tricked nonetheless! Looking over the spell he'd uttered, the rest became clear- "Obliterate the dust from your residence" what kind of trick was this?! Veigar babbled furious curses at the top of his lungs as he grabbed the book and flung it to the side, knocking over the now-pristine lamp. Just another foiled attempt. Just another day in Runeterra. One day, though. One day he would lay waste to all who opposed him. For now, though, Veigar felt deflated. He'd try again another time.
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