Gnarly adventures (pt.1 haha maybe more parts some time xD)

The blistering sun shines down upon me, off into the distance a large range of extreme hills stretches into the fog. I take note of my surroundings, spruce trees stretching into the sky and the mushy brown ground beneath my feet. I must be in some kind of ~~mega taiga biome~~ northern land. The sun will surely set soon however so I must not waste time, to gather wood and food and build shelter must be my priority! A small young tree, only a few ~~blocks~~ meters tall. This should do fine for now. After much time and at the cost of some pain in my fists I manage to break off enough wood to make several sticks and planks! Shortly after, ~~using a crafting table~~ being a master crafter (much like a certain mountain god {{champion:516}}), I have a pickaxe ready and my sights set upon the stone merely a few layers below. THUNK THUNK TRUNK the soft sound of a wooden pickaxe upon stone, slowly but gradually I make progress. It as at this point I realise the error of my actions, I have decided to dig straight down, A terrible lapse of judgement. Down down down down down down, into the depths of the DARKNESS!!! ({{champion:56}} hehe) I fall. With a THUD! I hit the ground and with hardly any heart left black out. "Haygo vaygo" "Oga lagga" "Wap!"! I am roused from my rest, pain through my body, alive somehow yet only able to make out the slightest shadows. Illuminated by the backlight of a far off pool of molten earth, a commotion is unfolding. Do my eyes deceive me? A skeleton drops to the ground his body breaking and scattering leaving nothing but his bones and weapon on the floor. This is perhaps not an uncommon sight this far down, however it is the figure next to him that surprises me. A small little orange ball of fur and fury sits on the ground {{champion:150}} , boomerang in hand, is he friend or foe? My question is soon answered! It is hardly but a few seconds. With little bounding steps he approaches me and begins prodding me with his boomerang. A smile covers his face when he realises I am alive "Shoo shoo? Bahnah!". Despite his previous demeanour he seems to be a kind "thing" whatever he may be. My health is in a bad state and ~~my hunger bar is almost empty~~ my stomach growls. Rummaging through ~~his inventory~~ a little bag he pulls out some bread and apples and helps me to my feet. Days have passed... happy to have left the vast cave system I stare yet again into the extreme hills in the distance. This time however I have a roof over my head, a simple small room made of ~~dirt blocks~~ earth, just for the time being until proper shelter can be built! Another patch of grass takes hold upon its roof. It might be time to get cracking on such a shelter. However this location does not suit our needs. This time I have a guide on my journey to mine and gather resources, from what I can gather this little furballs name is "Gnar" {{champion:150}} . He himself is thankful for my opening a way to the surface. Piling cobblestone beneath our feet we pillared out of the depths. The sun has just risen, the monsters of these lands should be far and few between. "Well little guy hopefully we find a village or something" I exclaim, not knowing for sure if he can even understand me. "Gnar gada!",... a yes? It appears as if he is ready at any rate. Leaving our simple housing behind we venture off, heading away from the rising sun. Having stopped in a clearing to plan our next move we make time to sort through our ~~inventories~~ well worn bags, wooden planks, stone, even some apples that happened to fall from the leaves. Not much to start with but fine for now. A forest of dark oaks stretches before us, large mushrooms peaking through the connected canopy of trees. A darkness, almost absolute seems to seep from the edge to the furthest reaches. We both would rather walk around yet to do so would surely take time we may not have. The sun is already at the halfway point in the sky. A distant trousel of bones, the hissing of spiders. Silently we slip past the trunks and through the overgrowth, to draw a monsters attention with nought but a stone sword and the clothes on our, well... my back. Surely we would die. The soft crunching of leaves reaches my ears, has something caught us off guard?! A hiss, much like that of a rattle snake confirms my fear. "Shubbanuffa."!!! {{champion:150}} yells my orange friend. A green and lanky beast has crept upon us, its skin the consistency of dried leaves. I prepare to defend myself, yet do not know how. This beast has no arms and bears nothing but stubby feet and a downturned expression, his square shaped eyes stare coldy upon us. Before even another thought crosses my mind I am engulfed in a chaotic explosion. You Died! ~~The screen before me says ~~ A voice rings in my mind. Am I in the afterlife? Purgatory? I hear a distinct click. My eyes open... this place? I've been here before. Tall spruce trees stretch into the air, extreme hills in the distance. A green topped dirt structured not but 50 ~~blocks~~ meters away. "Shagdovala!"... {{champion:150}} my travelling companion stands by my side, confusion (or bordeom???) upon his face. It appears we have ~~respawned~~ been given a second chance at life, perhaps by strange magics. This time maybe we will make it further. Maybe we can survive more than a few days. With {{champion:150}} at my side I am confident we can learn to live in this strange ~~blocky~~ world.

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