Drinking Buddies

An almost malevolent breeze, cool and crisp flows over the hooded warden like a raging river. Staring off at nothing, he mulls over his thoughts in a deep almost aloof like state. His fingers begin to trace the wooden grain of his lamp-post as he simultaneously admires the lustrous glow of his brass weapon. A noise removes him from his trance as someone slaps him on the shoulder. “Here Jax.” Bellowed Gragas as he handed Jax a Mug of ale. “I brought you another drink.” The giant of a man chuckled to himself as he wasted no time in quenching his thirst with his beverage. Jax smiled and nodded slightly as he accepted the refreshment from his friend, returning to his train of thought. Gragas let out a massive sigh of relief as he slammed his empty mug on the table. “That was bloody refreshing” said Gragas, wiping the remnants of his drink on his arm “Just what I needed” He slouched down next to his drinking buddy. “What’s wrong Jax?” Gragas exclaimed, noticing his friend’s still full mug. “You haven’t even touched your drink yet. You alright?” The Grog had turned the man’s speech slurred and messy “Hmm? Yeah I’m fine.” Said Jax as he adjusted in his seat. “You sure? You’re the one who usually beats me at drinking” Once again chuckling to himself as he reminisced on past memories. “I’m fine. Just got something on my mind…” “Well you better hurry and finishing your drink or I’ll end up taking it.” Gragas had a grin stretching ear to ear. Jax shook his head at his drunken friend. Gragas was just about to start his second mug of ale as Jax interrupted him by clanking their two mugs together to toast the night. The two continued celebrating, drinking and cracking jokes. “Aye Jax” Gragas said with his speech more messy than before. “Hmm?” Moaned Jax. “You up for another drink?, The night’s still young” “Sure why not! You, maiden” yelled Jax at a beer maid passing by. “Grab me and my friend here two more mugs of ale.” “Right away sir.” said the maid cheerfully. A cold wind filled the room as the tavern door was quickly slammed open. Everything went silent as a party of six Noxian soldiers burst into the room. Everyone had turned their heads to see what had caused the ruckus. “Hey what’s the big deal?” exclaimed the soldier at the head of the group who was clearly their commander. “Ain’t never seen a bunch of guys just looking for a good time? C’mon lads lets drink.” The group barged into the room and started ordering food and drink as the atmosphere resumed. Just as this happened the maid returned to where Jax and Gragas were sitting. “Here you go, two mugs of ale.” said the maid. “Hey! What’s going on here?” said the Noxian commander “Oh! You got me a present. How kind of you.” The man smiled as he proceeded to snatch one of the mugs from the maid’s hand as he pulled her waist close to his with his other hand. “Um th-th-that’s not for you sir.” stammered the maid. “Yeah? Well its mine now.” He was smiling mockingly. “P-P-Please let me go.” whimpered the maid nervously. “Ay ay ay where do you think you’re going sweet stuff? We’re just getting started.” said the commander as his tightened his grip around the maid’s waist. His breath was stagnant and he obviously hadn’t bathed in a while as he stunk of a mixture of sweat and musk. The maid retracted her face from the man’s repulsive stench. Her eyes where now wide with terror as she desperately tried to get away from her tormentor. At this point Gragas was infuriated and the alcohol only further fuelled his rage. He jumped up out of his chair, ready to confront the man. The Noxian unsheathed a small knife from its scabbard and put it up to the girl’s throat. “And what you gonna do? Huh fat man? I think I’ll take this little thing over somewhere private unless you think you can stop me?” taunted the commander. Gragas was ready to fight but a hand placed on his shoulder abruptly stopped him. Jax who was still sitting down facing forward removed his hand having gotten his friend’s attention. “Sit down or do you want to get someone killed?” said Jax in a stern voice. “But But…” Babbled Gragas. “Enough!” Jax was a lot more serious now. Gragas reluctantly sat down. “Now I recommend that you grab your gang and leave this place.” Jax was still seated and facing forward not even looking at the man. “HA!” scoffed the Noxian commander “You think you’re gonna stop me? Do you know who I am? I’m General Boram Darkwill, and you two ain’t gonna do nothing. Ya hear?” “I reckon you leave before things get ugly.” muttered Jax Once again Boram burst out laughing. Before Boram could react, Jax grabbed his lamp-post and leapt out of his seat before quickly using his lamp-post to sweep Boram’s legs from under him and in turn knocking the knife from his hand. Boram hit the ground with a thud as the knife clattered next to him. Noticing her window of escape was about to close, the maid ran as fast as her legs would carry her, past Jax and into a group of fellow employees. Taken aback by what had just happened to him, Boram hastily grabbed the knife from the floor and stood up in a panic. Noticing the commotion, the other five soldiers all rushed to their commander, brandishing their weapons. Gragas couldn’t help but smile as he had seen Jax in situations like this in the past. “You’ve got some guts picking a fight with us.” spat Boram. “One vs. Six. This should be easy. Get em boys!” The other occupants in the room quickly scattered for safety as they all sensed the inevitable battle about to take place. Gragas stood up next to his friend. “Two vs. six.” he responded heartily. “So how you wanna do this one Jax?” “You can have whoever you want.” replied Jax “But he’s mine.” he gestured towards Boram. Three of the soldiers lunged towards them. Suddenly, Jax grabbed the chair beside him and threw it at one of the soldiers, sending him crashing to the ground. The other two continued to charge towards Jax. Gragas stepped out from beside his friend and clubbed one of them across the head with his empty mug knocking the man to the floor unconscious. Jax grasped his lamp-post with both hands and slammed the butt of his weapon into the third man, winding him and forcing him to his knees. “You idiots! What the hell are you doing?” shouted Boram. “Get them!” The two still conscious men, as well as the two still behind Boram ran at Jax and Gragas yelling as they did. Gragas threw his mug at one of the soldiers who blocked it with his arm and maintained his charge forward. The first one to reach Jax swung at him clumsily. Jax easily stepped to the side hitting the Noxian’s wrist with his lamp-post, forcing the weapon from his grasp. Jax then proceeded to smack the guy on the side of the head knocking him out. The second one attempted to thrust his sword at Jax but was as sloppy as his partner. Jax easily blocked his attack and struck him across the head rendering him unconscious. The two that ran at Gragas were also swiftly dealt with. Gragas easily dodged their heavy handed attacks before cracking both their heads together. The five men lay bloody, battered and bruised on the ground. Jax and Gragas now turned their attention to Boram, who started stumbling backwards. “Don’t you come any further, I’ll get more men. Then you’ll be sorry.” barked Boram. “Shut it Scrub” bellowed Gragas launched a punch to his midriff that doubled him over. Jax, like he had done before, slammed the butt of his lamp-post into Boram’s torso, forcing him to the floor. Gragas persisted further, lifted the man as if he weighed nothing and tossed him out the door of the tavern, quickly followed by the other five men, some of which had regained consciousness and were now groaning in pain. “You haven’t heard the last of me. Ya hear? I will bring even more men I will…” Boram’s ranting was suddenly cut short by a mug whacking him on the head. A roar erupted from behind Jax and Gragas as the tavern patrons cheered and celebrated. The maid emerged from the crowd, hugged Jax and then kissed Gragas on the cheek causing him to blush. “Thank you! The drinks are on us.” said the maid. The two heroes looked at each other and smiled. “Well Jax, you still up for that drink?” “Yeah I’m a bit thirsty after that.”

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