FanFiction Contest: The Shortlist Salutations! Firstly, congratulations! The unprecedented turnout for the **[FanFiction Contest](** was incredible; with over 174,000 words written and 200+ stories submitted, the sheer amount and caliber of the community’s talent was displayed in full force. Between [plays](, poems, [Limericks](, and [epics ](– we had the joy to examine every expression of the written form and narrowed our Shortlist down to 10 stories. No easy task at all. For a refresher, the Shortlist was determined by the Rubric below. **** **Grading Rubric:** The Rubric is explained and ordered below in a weighted fashion. Creativity being the most important and Grammar being the least important to grading. * **Creativity. **The most important of the Rubric and that hardest to really quantify. In short, how did you best leave your fingerprint on the essence of League of Legends? * **Prompt.** _"The Average Day in Runeterra"_. * **League of Legends Elements.** This is a League FanFiction contest! The more elements from the game or lore (twisted or canon) the better! * **Grammar.** No one is perfect, we know that. And we also know that a single spelling mistake shouldn’t detract from a great story, but we need to be able to understand and get through your story without confusion. **** **Community Voting** But the Rubric and Shortlist only take the contest so far. The remaining honor of crowning the FanFiction Contest winners is now in your hands as a community. Out of the 10 Shortlist Finalists, we're only looking for **5 Victors**. Below, the Shortlist Finalists are listed and linked - using the poll at the bottom of the page, vote for your **_favorite _**FanFiction entry. Favorite. It's such a high standard and impossible trait to quantify. If you need the Rubric to help guide your vote, that's fine - but ultimately, don't let the Rubric restrict your personal taste and vote for the story that speaks to you. The community will have one week to select the winners; which means that on **August 5th**, the Final FanFiction Five will be chosen! And remember, if this Shortlist doesn't sate your hunger for incredible stories, there are the hundreds of adventures waiting in the **[FanFiction Contest Boards](**. **** **FanFiction Shortlist Finalists** **[An Average Day in the Sewers](** by [Funsocks]( _In this horrific and haunting tale, recruits patrolling the sewers are playing a deadly game of cat and rat around every dark corner. _ **[Freljordian Diplomacy](** by [Jimsomi]( _On a brisk and beautiful Freljordian morning, a Little Queen is up early. And not by choice. _ **[Refracted Silence](** by [Malygos]( _An unknown bystander is witness to an assassination under the totalitarian rule of Noxus in this short vignette._ [**On the Outskirts of Bandle City**]( by [HierosGodhead]( _In Veigar's quest to learn a new spell, the almighty fails to read the small print. And that's definitely a short joke. _ **[Diary of a Shuriman Merchant](** by [Miss Auri]( _A recovered wares journal documents a peculiar meta shift in the sands of Shurima. _ [**Four Words**]( by [GreatClockwyrm]( _This subtle portrait of Jhin is as gorgeous as it is grotesque. _ **[Don't Blink](** by [The Great NaCl]( _Ekko knows that all Zuan really needs is a little spit shine in this heartfelt narrative._ **[//Reboot: Code >>PROJECT_FIORA<<](** by [Yukarin]( _This anguished reflection depicts Fiora tangled in the wires between life and death._ **[Five Things to Make a Shadow](** by [EarlGreyShakes]( _Justice is just a nicer name for revenge. _ **[A Fractured Soul](** by [Bahnshii]( _As a monster of the Shadow Isles, Thresh cannot be trusted to tell the truth. But Ahri believes him anyway._ *** **Froskurinn's Picks** **[Her Purple Hair | Ekko](** by [Jason]( _Champion the league? Easy. Talk to girls? Much harder. _ **[A Wanderer isn't always Lost](** by [Kaze no Kizu]( _This narrative pulls on the delicate threads that weave together the tapestry of Yasuo's character. _
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