FanFiction Contest: The Winners Congratulations! With over 200 wonderful entries, we somehow made it. After narrowing the [shortlist]( to 10 entries, the community took control and voted for the Final Five -and now, without further ado: **1st: [Refracted Silence](** by [Malygos]( _An unknown bystander is witness to an assassination under the totalitarian rule of Noxus in this short vignette._ **2nd: **[**Four Words**]( by [GreatClockwyrm]( _This subtle portrait of Jhin is as gorgeous as it is grotesque. _ **3rd:** [**Five Things to Make a Shadow**]( by [EarlGreyShakes]( _Justice is just a nicer name for revenge. _ **4th:** **[Diary of a Shuriman Merchant](** by [Miss Auri]( _A recovered wares journal documents a peculiar meta shift in the sands of Shurima. _ **5th:** **[Don't Blink](** by [The Great NaCl]( _Ekko knows that all Zuan really needs is a little spit shine in this heartfelt narrative._ **** A FanFiction contest had never been attempted before - and honestly - we were shocked with the caliber and sheer amount of talent in the community. Going forward, we've learned a lot and want to provide more FanFiction contests in the future - but better. Thank you to all the incredible participants and writers of the community (and readers). We were truly taken on a magical journey.
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