LFR Contest - The Dream

Pitch black. You fumble your fingers against the dry feeling of stone. "Click". Braziers alight the corridor as you slip a sigh of relief. You start walking the only path in sight paved by the flames. The delicate round-shaped fixtures of a long lost civilisation carved into each brazier, each one becoming more clear as you gain more focus. An unmistakable mark. You notice the length of the hall is coming to an end. You carefully take your steps into the pitch black room as you turn to notice the braziers behind you disappear. Standing in the darkness you hear faint noises. The grinding of gears resonate as you stand your ground against the rumbling. You feel a sudden rush of what only your memory can conjure as pleasure and excitement. Clouds of fireworks from your mind start revelling at what you can remember the last time you were here. You feel the gears of the room click, as the rumbling intensifies. Music to your ears as you hear a faint high pitch whistling, become a loud roaring of hoards in a matter of seconds. "Click". All motion ceases. Silence. You open your eyes slowly to avert the blinding light presented in front of you. Another loud roar from crowds far as the summoners eye can see. You look around and notice familiar faces sharing what can only be described as the Dragonwing Corki's Ship. Another loud deafening roar from the crowds, as a wall of flame comes up from in front of the ship. The floor in front of you starts to open up, you take a step back. Up rises a platform with the best running rig you've ever seen. Immediately, you feel the adrenaline kick in, and you set yourself up to the summoners station. You raise one hand up, with your index finger extended to reach the shiny illustrious blue orb. A flash of white light as you feel the cool sensation of the orb activate. Here we go again.

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