FanFiction Contest Announcement Salutations! To celebrate all forms of artistic expression and creativity of this incredible community, we’re launching the League of Legends FanFiction contest! We challenge you to create an original story that captures the essence of League of Legends and flaunts your prowess of the pen. **** **The Prompt:** The average day in Runeterra. **** **Contest Rules: ** - **Your submission must be no longer than 1,500 words.** There is no minimum requirement on word count however; if you can tell a compelling story in 6 words, you are truly mighty. -**One entry per person.** A single change can drastically alter the course of a story, but we want the best version and your gut-instinct. - **Your submission must be in English. **The contest will be using the primary language of the region. -** Entry must be appropriate for players of all ages. **League is rated Teen, so there is some wiggle room - but please, think of the children! -**Must be made by you, submitted by you, and made for this contest.** This is about us celebrating you and your incredible ability for this contest. -**Submissions must be submitted using the OCE boards in the appropriate sub-board.** This process will be detailed further down. This does mean that _you must have an Oceanic League of Legends account to claim your prize_. **** **Grading Rubric and Voting:** Judging art is always a subjective and tricky business, so we’re getting a bit of help. This contest will have two stages. The first stage will be us collecting the entries and grading them on the Rubric explained below. From there, we’ll create a shortlist of ten stories and announce them on the boards. The Community will then be called on to vote on that selected shortlist to determine the final five winners. The Rubric is explained and ordered below in a weighted fashion. Creativity being the most important and Grammar being the least important to grading. * **Creativity. **The most important of the Rubric and that hardest to really quantify. In short, how did you best leave your fingerprint on the essence of League of Legends? * **Prompt.** Compliment or dismantle the given prompt in whichever way you fancy. * **League of Legends Elements.** This is a League FanFiction contest! The more elements from the game or lore (twisted or canon) the better! * **Grammar.** No one is perfect, we know that. And we also know that a single spelling mistake shouldn’t detract from a great story, but we need to be able to understand and get through your story without confusion. **** **How to Submit: ** To promote community feedback, show off your talents, and give your submissions a home during the contest, we’re opening **[this new section of the Boards!](** **To submit your story**, simply make a new thread on the **[Contest: Fan Fiction sub-board](** with your story formatted for easy reading. We encourage everyone to peak into the new FanFiction sub-board and give feedback on our communities hard work! **** **Contest Dates: ** The FanFiction Contest Submissions will be open from **June 24th** to **July 10th**. The shortlist will be revealed on July 27th and Community Voting will commence! The Community will get 1 week to vote, which means that on August 4th the winners will be announced! When you’re ready, [submit your masterpiece here](! **** **Prizing: ** The Top 5 Winners will receive Riot Points: _1st: 10,000 2nd: 7,000 3rd: 4,000 4th: 2,500 5th: 1,500_ **** **And Finally:** Here at Riot we don’t do anything without thoroughly enjoying it ourselves. After careful testing of many prompts, I’ve decided to try my own hand at FanFiction and kick us off. You can spot[ my submission]( hanging out in the **[appropriate sub-board](**. But don’t let me have all the glory. Take a trip through the mechanical intricacies of Piltover, pillage through the grime of the Noxus sewers, or climb to the highest peaks of Mt.Targon - but take us on a magical (or mundane) journey through the average day in Runeterra. Cheers!
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