The Moon and the sun

Aloha all, hope you enjoy the light reading, I'm actually going to keep writing this I'm curious to see where it could lead... Diana’s long platinum blonde hair trailed behind her like wisps of silvery smoke, moving gently up and down as thought caught in a slight autumn breeze, however on this day no wind was blowing and nor was the woman clad in almost full body armor, its dull grey trimming and blue glossed black surfaces shimmering in the midday sun, moving. She surveyed the scene that was unfolding in the small village sitting at the base of the small cliff she was currently standing upon, at its center a commotion was being caused by her one true rival, the so called chosen of the sun. Apparently the Solari had dispatched Leona to this village in an attempt to stop violence from occurring before any blood had been shed, the village which was mostly used by pirates and other unsavory types as a second port of call while working further up the coast of the mainland. Back the present the Solaris’ little pet had found the village to be less than forthcoming and now at least forty armed and less than happy pirates had her surrounding, some holding guns and sabres the others held women and children as hostages. It was a smart call on the behalf of the pirates without the hostages even forty of them would have found it difficult to take the fight to Leona directly, indeed most wouldn’t have been stupid enough to try it in the first place but here they were, at the top of Ionia, the red tinged sun slowly making its way over head. Diana was at an impasse as to what she should do, she was by no means a nice person, if everyone below died woman and children included she doubted it was cause her to lose any sleep over the incident. So she could quite easily strike her advisory down and be on her way without the Solari knowing what had happened, but Diana was no coward and to do something so gutless would undermine everything she stood for. If she let it all unfold as it slowly was, then no doubt Leona would somehow make it out alive, but would the deaths of the innocent weigh heavy upon her, eventually break her spirit and leave her the weaker for it. Once again the chosen of the moon looked at this option with as much distaste as the first, both were full of cowardice, if she was the fight Leona it would be in her prime not some far distant second to what she once was. “I have not come to shackle you in irons, merely advise that you don’t bring any Ionians to harm, something you have already done before I even opened my mouth” said a cautious Leona, her eyes darting over the hostages before her “Oh I bet you didn’t” replied a big surly looking man his features rough and weathered “The Solari wouldn’t have sent the best they had for mere guard duty, seems to me they want us gone… permanently” he grinned wickedly at her, the knife he held was tapped gentle against a small girls throat, the keen edge of the blade nicked the skin and a small trickle of blood ran down her neck “If I lay down my sword and shield will you at least let the hostages go, they didn’t ask to be involved in this” without waiting for a response she slowly lay both on the ground and took a step back He glared at her cautiously then smiled “Very well, Gents!” he shouted and at once they let all the hostages go, all of them save for the little girl her still held in his vice like grip “I’ll keep this one as insurance, hope you don’t mind” He turned towards a group of four men to his left and nodded in her directions, no sooner than he had done so there was a brilliant flash of light followed quickly by the sound of breaking bones and barrels of ale. Standing where the leader of this misfit crew had stood only moments before was the last person Leona would have expected to come to her aid, the air shimmered around Diana as she knelt down beside the girl and whispered something in her ear. A mere second later the little girl ran off, not a single pirate stood in to stop her, indeed they were most of them still looking at the crumpled remains of their captain. “I’m here for my own reasons Solari!” snapped Diana noticing the odd look upon Leona’s face “well don’t just stand there woman!” Leona quickly rolled forward taking up her sword and shield, just as their less than favorable company snapped out of their daze and surged in to battle with the two Ionians. The Solari aimed to wound her enemies while Diana cared for no such niceties, her blade swung and flowing crimson followed, the ground around her quickly turned from dark brown to a deep scarlet as the screams of men sounded out across the village. Another whoosh of her curved blade cut down three more who had foolish tried taking her head on, an archer in the back lines aimed careful and fired his aim hit true, or at least it was have if Leona hadn’t stepped intentionally in its path. The shaft of the arrow splinted as it struck the solid metal shield, the ranged tried to retreat as she rushed forwards battering away anyone stupid enough to get in her way, to her left and right men rushed at her she quickly turned on the spot in the same direction as the man to her left smashing his right side with her shield before blocking the blow from the right. An hour later found Diana and Leona running through thick jungle foliage, the shouts of angry pirates close behind them. They had abandoned the village long ago for fear of behind trapped within while a running lit the fire signally to any ships nearby to bombard the village, if they pirates couldn’t have it, then no one would. “Thank you for coming to my aid” said Leona in-between breaths “Don’t thank me I did it for myself” hissed Diana “We are still enemies when this is over” “I’m well aware of that, but I still owe you my thanks” retorted the Solari as she leapt clear over a fallen tree Diana was a proud woman, one who hated Leona more than anyone else but she could help but be impressed with the skills of her rival, the arrow that Leona had swatted away hadn’t gone unnoticed the blow would have crippled her for life if not killed her instantly. “Thank you” Leona stopped suddenly as if she had run into an invisible wall “Your welcome Diana” after a long silence she continued “I may never again get the chance to tell you this, so I’ll just say that I don’t hate you, nor do I wish harm upon you. I did some digging around after our first run in, the elders wronged you, I can’t forgive what you did but I want you to know that I understand” Without waiting for Diana to respond Leona walked up to her and removed her center head piece before holding it in front of the stunned Diana “The sun nor the moon can exist without the other, such is the way of the world Diana, regardless of how you feel I want you to take this” Diana looked down at it for a moment as if expecting a trap, eventually she took it and clasped it to the side of her left arm brace “I don’t know what to say, nor what I should say” “Nothing needs to be said, now perhaps we should continue running” replied Leona a slight smile across her face The chosen of the moon, stood for a moment watching her run off before quickly following, perhaps she and Leona were more alike than she had first thought, after all both had been outed by their own people, and the more she thought about it the less the Solari ahead of her seemed like an enemy and more like another troubled soul who the weight of the world thrust upon them. Could she one day come to call Leona her ally or even a friend? Only time would tell…
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