Fan Made Kindred and Jhin origin story

The night sky looms overhead as a young boy not older than ten wanders through the ever creeping forest around him. Most of the trees had created a blanket of leaves over top covering most of the forest floor in darkness. A sudden rustle draws his attention causing the boy to jump in his skin, he was told of wolves in this forest and every sound frightened him. As the rustling grew louder his heart began to beat like the speed of a horse in full sprint. The boy in anticipation of the worst covered his eyes and crouched in front of a tree that was behind him. "A fresh meal?" The heavy voice growls "No Wolf." A softer more feminine voice replies "This one is quite young and has much to grow" "But it looks so tasty." Says Wolf grudgingly After hearing the two voices the boy uncovered his eyes and sees a wolf floating in the air and an almost human looking figure more closely looking to a lamb standing on two legs. Both wore a mask however the wolfs mask didn't hide much. As the boy looked at them both, the lamb figure noticed and approached the boy. "Do you see us boy?" "It is quite rare for even a child to see us. you are quite special" "Even more reason to take it now!" Wolf growls in anticipation Ignoring wolf, the lamb figure gently lays a hand on the boy's face. "Tell me child, why stray so far into these woods alone?" After hearing the gentle tone of the lamb figure, the boy finds the courage to speak. The lamb figure stands as he speaks. "I got lost," he says reluctantly "And your parents?" "Dead" Although the boy didn't seem much saddened by the fact that his parents we both dead something still bothered him about it. "Who are you? What are you?" the boy remarked as he looked more closely at the two. "I am Lamb," "And this is Wolf." Explained lamb pointing to wolf Ignoring the second question Lamb approaches the boy closely "Shall we show you back to your home?" Lamb says assuming the boy's home lies at the nearest town "I don't want to go back!" The boy shouts slightly surprising Lamb. "The forest is no place for a child. You should go back" Lamb calmly replies "If he stays can we eat him?" Wolf growls impatiently "All you think about is your next meal Wolf. Have patience" "Will you tell us why you don't want to go back?" The boy pauses for a moment bringing back that look when he mentioned the death of his parents. Something bothered him and lamb seeing this became increasingly curious. After the long pause, the boy begins to explain. His parents were both high valued performers who had been hired to perform a play in the neighboring town. Being serious about their business the boy had little attention from them. So the boy sought a way to impress them by creating his own performance but he had only seen one of their performances in full, a play about death and corruption. So he set out to please them by trying to create a scene from that play. As the parents performed the play they were paid to do, the boy created a death scene by killing one of the local women and displayed her in the best way he could remember how the play went. However, after trying to impress them they only responded with disgust and anger. In his mind, it looked perfect and could not understand their response. Believing the only reason they were disgusted was that they had no real sense of a true performance, so the boy set out to show the rest of the village. However the parents tried to stop him and as the boy resisted his mother grabbed him, he then kicked his father and he stumbled into a pitchfork that was part of the set, skewering him with its four spikes. The mother distraught by her husband's sudden death let go of the boy and ran over to the husband. Seeing his opportunity, grabbed a rope and with four knots and began to strangle the mother on a beam. He then tied the rope up tight and grabbed four candles and began to burn her four times on each cheek of her face. The townsfolk overheard the screams and rushed to the scene, seeing the boy and both his parents killed. The boy became overjoyed that the townspeople would be able to see his perfect performance, however, all they responded was with disgust. Noticing that they were not happy with his performance started to charge at him, the boy rushed for the closest window and narrowly escaped and ran into the forest. "That is quite a story boy" Lamb calmly responds "Whats with all the fours?" Wolf questions after drooling from the all the slaughter he just heard. "It helps me feel calm" The boy replies "Seems to me that if you were to head back, the townspeople would surely kill you, would be such a waste," Lamb explains "Could I stay with you? You don't act like the townsfolk." The boy pleads "Only until I find somewhere else to go" "I'd rather eat you up but I would give a running start first" wolf growls feeling hungry after all the talk of killing. "You may stay here as long as you like but I warn you, Wolf might end up killing you instead." The boy headed lambs warning but decided to stay none the less. The boy ended up staying with them for some years, at first lamb and wolf would come and go as they pleased, even for days at a time leaving the boy to fend for himself, but when they were around the boy would be pleased and stay as close by to Lamb showing all his accomplishments and the performances he created with the wildlife. Some spectacles intrigued wolf which the boy believed kept Wolf from crushing his head to bits. Lamb would also from time to time hum a little tune which the boy would also hum if they weren't around which also made him calm when he couldn't find things to count to the number four with. After a while, the boy got curious enough to follow lamb and wolf enough to find out what they did while they were gone. what he found was a performance of utmost perfection. The boy could not believe his eyes, the way lamb and wolf played around a group of travelers created a stage so perfect he felt a sense of purpose brimming back up from beneath. The spectacle of the traveler's deaths and the way lamb and wolf toyed with their very life, as if pulling the strings made the boy feel alive. After the performance was over, the boy approached lamb and wolf pleading for him to join in their acts. After Wolf's reluctant acceptance the three began to work together. In Lamb and Wolf's mind they thought it would just make it easier to catch their prey off guard but for the boy, it was his chance to express his desire to make performances worthy to his liking. The boy did this for some time, however, at some point, lamb and wolf had vanished and never returned to the boy. Although saddened by their departure the boy saw this as an opportunity to show off his perfected performances to the rest of the world. "It is time I show the world a true performance" The boy shouts expecting to be heard.
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