The Birth of The Steel Legion

Garen knelt on an overhang, surveying the remnants of the fort his quarry had just conquered, surrounded by his fellows of the vanguard, he shook his head with despair at the sight before him, the people were massacred, torn apart by foul creatures from an unimaginable place. He got his feet and walked through the wreckage, hoping to find a survivor, he heard gasps and angry grunts from his men as they passed unspeakable horrors, until finally they found a lone soldier sitting among the wreckage, gave no acknowledgement Garen's approach, he mumbled indistinctly, too low for anyone to hear, as Garen put his hand on the mans shoulder, the man turned and Garen saw him for what he was, a blind bomb left by the attacker, now clearly Void born, realising the threat Garen ordered his men to run, and ran after them, knowing full well that this could be the end for him and his men, as he rounded a corner, he saw one of his men break his leg in a rut in the road, unwilling to leave a man behind, Garen reached out to help him up, but before he could a blast knocked him off his feet, sending him into the dark, safety of a well, shielding him from the fire that came after the shock wave of the blast. he awoke hours late, singed hair and battered arms, he started climbing out of the moss covered well, a battle for each handhold, after an hour of straining ,e clambered out of the well and looked around, he saw charred bodies all around him, good men, his friends, as he walked through the carnage we wondered what he did wrong, as stumbled like a blind man, his boot struck something metal , leaning down to pick it up he realised, it was a simple steel sword, barely harmed by the fire's hungry rage, as he pondered the blade he realised, to beat the Void born and avoid tragedy like this again, he would need a legion of men with the resolve of steel, he set out for Demacia, knowing that few would believe, the Void born were real, or even a threat, after all, they were just Shuriman stories, but he set out anyway, for even though few would believe, it would be those few that began the Steel legion. it would be those few who would save Demacia from the terrors that lurked below, and so the Steel Legion was born.

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